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@home made! (what I made!)


In this page I would like to list all the crafty things I've shown you on my blog since last October 2011, when all started!! In this way you can have an idea of what happens here at homemade@myplace and you can see what I'm able to create. Most of the projects come out directly from my personal design, just a few are consequences of other creative minds (in this case I'll tell you who is the true creator/designer!).
I think in this way, putting some order in my creativity, it will be much more easier for you all to look at what you really like or you fancy more!

Any inspiration from my work??? Please, feel free to join my Flickr group :
homemade@myplace: Make It!!!    See you there!!

If you like, please contact me via email

Thank you,
xoxo Alessandra

knitted mitered squares into coin purses (here)

knitted wavy purses (here)

knitted cottage doorstop (here)

knitted home key holder (here)

yarn necklaces (here, here)

knitted pot holders (here)

felt matrioska bag (here, here, herehere )

felt Miss Owlette (here, here)
based on the tutorial "Felt Owl Ornament" by Jessica Levitt at

knitted bracelets (here, here)

knitted handbag (here)

felt Miss Owloween (here)
based on the tutorial "Felt Owl Ornament" by Jessica Levitt at

felt Miss Owlessandra (here)
based on the tutorial "Felt Owl Ornament" by Jessica Levitt at

beaded 3D fish (here, here, here, here)

felt Miss Owllure (here)
based on the tutorial "Felt Owl Ornament" by Jessica Levitt at

felt swirlies : earrings (here)

felt swirlies : necklaces (here, here)

felt matryoshka smartphone cases (here, here, here,here)

knitted hat with flaps (here)

felt Mr Rainbowl (here, here, here)

knitted Owly (here, here, here)

big knitted flower brooches (here, here, here, here)

knitted matryoshka : Yulitta (here, here, here, here)

knitted wavy cowl (here, here)

chain and knitted necklaces (here, here)

knitted gifts : cowl and fingerless gloves (here)

knitted bowls (here, here)

tiny felt matryoshka brooch (here)

five petals flower ring (here)

mini felt doll : Mama xoxo (here, here)

necklaces from ribbon reels (here, here)

knitted fingerless gloves (here, here, here)
from the book "Vintage Knit Knacks" by Sue Culligan

knitted hearts bunting (here, here, here, here, here)

crocheted stripy rug (here, here. here, here, here)

knitted soft toy : Wool-he (herehere)

knitted brooch/toy : Flat (here)

knitted "love&peace" washclothes (here, here, here)
based on "Peace Washcloth Pattern"

granny squares (here, herehereherehereherehere)

knitted doll (here, here)

a free interpretation of "Rag Doll"
from the book "Knitting for Children" by Claire Montgomerie

crochet granny square kitsch panel (here)

crochet matryoska kitsch panel (herehere)

Knitted bunting "Buon Appetito" (herehere)
from "Garter stitch Bunting pattern" at
(Crochet with Raymond)

crochet funny faces pins (here)
crochet tutorial : sunburst in a square

my first crochet center-piece (here)

crochet sunbursts necklaces (here, here)

Knitting/crochet "painting" (here)

crochet flowers bunting (here)

yarn dolls and granny hearts bunting (here)

another crocheted center-piece (here)

granny hearts (herehere)
from "Sunburst Granny Heart" at

nice crocheted bag tags/charms (herehere)

crocheted little hearts (here)
based on the tutorial "How to crochet a loveheart"
found at

flower necklace (here)
flower adapted from the free pattern "square wool-eater"

granny circles (herehere)

crochet cutlery pockets (here)

my first crochet bag (hereherehere)

knitted doll: Rosina (herehere)

granny square necklace (here)

crochet circles necklace (here)

Knitted dude dolls (here)
pattern from the book "Stitch by Stitch"
by Jane Bull

Granny portrait (here)

blue bunting for Tobia (here, here)

knitted scarf (herehere)

crochet coasters (here)

bracelet to celebrate Autumn (here)

sign "keep out" for boys' bedroom (here)

big party favor bag ( hereherehere, here)

a new doll (herehere and here)                                    
inspired by the pattern "Lollipop Dolls"
on the book "Stitch by Stitch"
by Jane Bull

masai (here)

pillow  (herehere)

earrings and some more flowers (here)

two boys, two pillows (here)

granny stool cover (herehere)
pattern from the book "granny squares Love"
by Sarah London

crochet water melon pillow (here)

meet the "GRABB-ITs" (here)

the "last" pillow (here)

white hearts garland (here)

knitted bootees (here)
pattern from the book "First Knits"
by Luise Roberts and Kate Haxell

3 different crochet bracelets (here)

softies for mirabel (here)

flowers power (here)

felt matryoshkas pillows/softies (hereherehere, here )

crochet earrings (here)

granny hearts garlands (here)
pattern from Bunny Mummy

"party bags" (here)

crochet pieces : ? (here)

pom pom pillow (here)

rectangular granny scarf (here)

crochet christmas trees (here)

more gifts (here)

skulls (here)
from "Crochet Skull Pattern"
found at Fear and Loathing with Yella 

safety pins necklace, flower brooch and slouchy beanie (herehere)
Crochet Urban Slouchy Beanie pattern here

safety pins necklaces (here)

window crochet decorations (here)

tree crochet garland (here)
pattern : Grandma Tree Tutorial by Michelle at
The Royal Sisters 

snowflakes, granny stars, granny heart (here)
patterns : Grandma Twinkle Tutorial and Grandma Hearts Tutorial
both by Michelle at The Royal Sisters

snowflakes pattern on the book "100 Snowflakes to crochet"
by Caitlin Sainio (pattern "Spring Snow")
stripy skinny scarf and stars (crochet) (herehere)

crochet+beads necklace (here)

necklace (here)

decorations (here)

leaves necklace (here)

blue&yellow necklace (here)

matryoshka brooch (here)

gift tags (here)

living room bunting (here)

"Nemo" necklace (here)

Table runner in the making (herehere)

table runner prototype ready! (here)

table runner II (here)

Book Mark (here)

crochet hearts (here)

table runner III (here)

decorations (3) with hearts (here)

colourful discs (here)

Totoro hat (here)

new table runner attempt (here)

coasters (hereherehere)

glass covers (herehereherehere)

sweet chubby butterfly (here)

crochet knot necklace (here)

new matryoshka brooch (herehere)

circle in the square (here)

home sweet home (here)

pincushion (here)

matryoshka brooch (here)

blanket w.i.p. ! (hereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere)

circles sewn together (here)

big rug panel (herehere)

small crocheted bag (here)

flower coasters (here)

granny triangles for Yarndale (here)
pattern by Lucy at Attic24 

... triangles with added fringes and scallops (here)

granny houses (here)

granny houses banner (here)

granny "dalia" (here)

"clover" block (herehere)

"flower" (here)

pins (hereherehere)

granny square (here)

granny stripes (herehere)

circles (herehere)

triangular granny squares cushion (here)

solid triangle (herehere)

new "wool-he"s (here)

mini net bags (here)

softies for Mirabel (here)

Ginger the fox -brooch- (here)

solid triangles for my shawl to be (herehere)
find pattern : here (in danish)

my first african flowers (herehere and here)
pattern found here 
mini hexagons (here)

pom pom Xmas tree (here)

a big bag (here)

african flowers garland/wall decoration (here)

mini colourful pillows (here)

christmas tree decoration (here)

big tree on canvas(here and here)

starry shawl (here)

a granny "H"(here)

granny "E" and "L" (here)

another granny "L" (here)

the Harlequin Hoodie (here)
pattern found here

crochet hat (here)

slouchy hat (here)

granny "O" (here)

tree stand revamp (here)

HELLO sign (here)

crochet pot holder (here)

second crochet pot holder (here)

third potholder (herehere)

set of potholders done ! (here)

a new shawl (herehere)

decoration (here)

shawl with solid triangles part 1 (here)

shawl with solid triangles part 2 (here)

shawl : ta-dah ! (here)

My Globetrotter Blanket (here)

floral shawl (here)

the fox (???) (here)

fox, part II (here)

easter bunny (here)

a new shawl (here)

one week shawl (here)
graphic found HERE by Sucrette

mandala wheel for Yarndale 2014 (here)

scarf (here)

mini granny squares cowl (here)

ripples (here)

curlicue necklace (here)

crocheted mesh/floral bag (here)

mum market bag (here)

crochet shopping bag (here)

a piece of colourful crochet (here)

decoration with granny diamonds (here)

free pattern here GRANNY'S GARDEN HEXAGON (here)
by Cherie

hippie necklaces (here)

italian gadgets (here)

a blanket for Tobia (here)

a hat for me (here)

scarf (here)

my chunky seashell scarf (pattern by Nicki Trench) (here)

fingerless gloves, knitted (here)

christmas card (here)

flowers on my hook (here)

scarf/shawlette (here)

starburst flowers centrepiece (here)

lace headband (here)

golden scarf (here)

spider scarf (here)

hexagons shabby chic blanket (here)

granny hearts (here)

gift box (here)

bag with clouds and rain drops (here)

Lilliputian Baskets (here)

…. two more ! (here)

crochet&recycle (here)

table centrepiece (here)

long oval wrist warmers (here)

#MandalasForMarinke (here)

Mara's bag (here)

market bag (here)

the seaside cowl (here)

necklace/scarf (here)

necklace/scarf (here)

the arctic scarf (here)
pattern by Sarah London (here)

beaded bracelet (here)

another beaded bracelet (here)

Minions fingerless mitts (here)
free pattern found here

Scandinavian lady panel (here)

decorations (here)

crochet danish hearts (here)

crochet net bag (here)

big flower (here)

granny basket (here)

big project (here)

wedding rings box (here)

wedding pin (here)

wedding anklet (here)

the long striped scarf (here)

my first sock (here)

Piccolotta (here)

softie for Sophie (here)

lilliputian baskets (here)

the Long striped scarf from Fiona Goble (here)

Pompom scarf from Fiona Goble (here)

2 necklaces (here)

beanies (here)

2 new Totoro hats (here)

hats decorations (here)

hot water bottle cover 1 (here)

hot water bottle cover 2 (here)

a colourful shawl for me (here)

a scarf full of mini hearts (here)

my first pair of knitted socks (here)

foxes (here)

Choco Bunny Placemats (here)

water dispenser cover (here)

The Buttons Baby Blanket (here)

T-shirt yarn bag (here)

The Frog Prince (here)

Lion bookmark (here)

A panel with diamonds and gnomes (here)

Scarf with ripples, pompoms and fringes (here)

T-shirt yarn trivets (here)

T-shirt yarn + tassels necklace (here)

T-shirt yarn necklace (here)

new triangular scarf (here)

mega granny square jumper (here)

Japanese knot bag (here)

My "Love is in the air" sweater (here)


  1. Wow Alessandra you have made a lot of fun and colourful things here!!

  2. What nice things you've made Alessandra! Still can't believe I found a fellow crafter and blogger all the way in Jakarta! :) I especially love the blue bunting you made for Tobia. Am so going to make one for Mateen too! Your colours inspire me!




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