Monday, 17 October 2011

Home sweet home !

The first finished project is a door stop! It was very simple to knit (moss stitch and garther stitch), but it took more than 6 months to have an idea how to sew it! The result is really cute, after all this long pondering! ( my Ravelry notes can be found HERE)

Even this one enters the category of "My first attempt"! It has the shape of a house, but it could be even a beach hut or a wind mill! It really depends how far you can stretch your fantasy....!!!
This nice thing is a key holder (the key-or keys!- slides inside the hut), that you can bring around as a necklace! It's not heavy and so fancy (and charming!) to wear around your neck!
You can find my Ravelry notes HERE !!

Instead this one is one of my WIP! I've wrapped around some plastic rings my yarn leftovers, using the blanket stitch technique. I'm still figuring out how to refine it and I hope some ideas will pop in my head asap!

This "task" is really close to be completed, but I'm still struggling with the clasps!!!

I know one day they both will be two beautiful necklaces, but when? I hope very soon, since my first bazaar is scheduled on the 9th of November....

See you soon, xxxx

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