Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Make it ! Pixelated heart hanging decoration !!!

Something little, simple and so easy to crochet … and very thoughtful if you gift it to someone you love!

As you now, for Valentine's day I made a heart pouch to hang around the home and fill it with written messages and cards full of love and today's heart comes from the same inspiration : pixelated images!!!

This time I decided to keep the square shape for each motif forming the heart and I started from the bottom of the central strip and then every granny was joined with the "join as you go" method ( you can find more about this method both on Pinterest and YouTube !!!!).

What do you need to start ?

just simple things as
  • a hook ( mine : 3,5mm)
  • yarns in two different colours : blue ( LANA GATTO CALICO', colour 939, 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic, a ball of 50g : all consumed for this project!) and neon orange ( I used 2 threads together while crocheting the border of this Indonesian acrylic yarn : CRAFTY KNITTING YARN)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn needle
  • a couple of skewers
  • a knife to cut the skewers the size you need

PATTERN mini GRANNY SQUARE ( US crochet terminology ) :

make a slip knot on your hook and chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain and make a ring.

round 1 : chain 1
repeat [3 double crochets + chain 3] 4 times
make a slip stitch in the first DC (=double crochet) and close the first round.

round 2 : make other 2 slip stitches in the tops of the following DCs of the shell and another slip stitch in the first corner you encounter.
chain 1
repeat [3 DCs + chain 3 + 3 DCs and chain 1] 4 times.
slip stitch in the first DC done, so you end this round.

round 3 : make 2 slip stitches in the top of the following DCs of the shell and one more in the first corner.
chain 1
repeat [3 DCs + chain 3 + 3 DCs, chain 1,  3 DCs in chain-1 space, chain 1] 4 times
slip stitch in first DC and the round ends.
2 slip stitches in the next DCs
cut yarn and fasten off; trim in the ends.

Once you have done with the joining of all the mini granny squares ( total : 18 ), you can start to define nicely the border of your pixelated heart ….

I used the same hook size and picked up two strands ( to work together ) of the neon orange.
I started to work at the side of the top right of the heart, just crocheting a simple border in single crochets …

The central part of the heart ( where usually you have a V shape ) has been underlined with the use of 3 spikes …

The point of the hook, for the 1st and 3rd spikes, has been inserted in the chain-1 space of the 2nd round, while for the longer spike the hook went into the hole of the starting circle ! Not difficult at all! The only thing is that you need to be careful not to pull too much the strands to avoid a change in the shape of your granny!!!

When completed the border, I choose to add a tassel at the bottom of the heart …

The tassel was easily made just wrapping the threads of yarn around my 4 fingers, something like this tutorial !!!!

The last touch : a couple of loops to hang the heart on one empty wall!!

Before making the loops, I collected a skewer and passed it trough the holes at the top of the heart, just to keep it in shape, without curly corners and with the help of a knife I cut out the extra lengths of the skewer.

Then I collected the hook and the neon orange yarns and made 2 chains of 20 stitches each ...

I attached each chain at the back of the heart on the central part of the skewer ( right side and left side of the heart tops ) …

…. and eventually : Ta-dah!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

My Ravelry notes can be found HERE !!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Flowers off my hook !!!!

Exactly one month ago I started this flowery project ….

Today, I can show you the simple idea I came out with : a Starburst Flowers Centrepiece !!!

Wanna look?

Please, you are really welcome …

…. some flowery details…

Are you interested in some technical data?

I was working with a 3,5mm hook.
The cottons used are : Catania 100% cotton for the petals ; Sirdar FLIRT double knitting black (SH 226 LOT 91016) for the centres and Sirdar FLIRT double knitting beige (SH 222 LOT 10308) for the outer round; DALLA ROSA 100% cotone perlato (made in Italy!) in white (bagno 117) for the round around the black circle!
The pattern for the STARBURST FLOWER was found on the book "150 Knit & Crochet Motifs" by Heather Lodinsky.
The final measurements of the centrepiece are : 45cm for each side and 41cm in width (or depth?).

More photos …


Sunday afternoon, I crochet a little black gift for my mum (she is coming to visit us next Sunday!!!)…

This is a lace headband, whose pattern was found on the same Japanese crochet book I was using for the scarf/shawlette pattern (soon a new post about that little beauty !!!!) !!!

xxxx, Alessandra

Monday, 16 February 2015

Kruger National Park : day 3, last one !

So, next morning we left Berg-en-Dal Camp Site to go back home in Maputo and it was a short ride to reach the main gate of the park, but we had the opportunity to watch some buffalos …

… and find out a pack of Wild Dogs, resting under a tree …
Do you see the tip of a tail?

… and two last photos taken by Tobia : a crocodile and some hippos …

…. soon, we'll be back there !!!! YES!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


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