Make it! (tutorials !!!!)

Dear homemade@myplace Readers, 

finally I did it! I started my tutorials page!
All this come from the desire to share what I love to create with you all. It's not a simple task and I hope not to disappoint you.
I kindly ask you not to sell, transmit, distribute or reproduce in any form by any means any of my patterns. You are welcome to gift or sell any of your finished items, if you are an individual crafter. Please, make a link to my blog to credit the pattern to my name ! This will be really appreciated by myself!!! Note that it takes a lot of love and time to prepare each single tutorial : respect all this and we'll be good friends!

If you have any trouble in the understanding of any tutorial, please don't hesitate to inform me as soon as you can! Helping one person means help for everyone! Just go to the Contact page and write about your problems or questions : I will be honoured to give you any good advice/explanation!!!

Lately, I even started a Flickr group for the ones who love to try my tutorials and would love to share their crafty results...!! So please, if interested, join my group with no hesitation here:

homemade@myplace: Make It!!!    See you there, ok??? Thank you!!!


xxxx Alessandra

My Tutorials

knitted bowl (here) and on cut out + keep, as my 4th feature (here) !! 

knitted 5 petals flower (here) and on cut out + keep, as my 2nd feature (here) !!

 knitted elongate heart (here)

how to knit FLAT (part one) (here)

how to embellish Flat (part two) (here)

make a pom pom (here)

make a chunky tassel (here)

yarn dolls (here)

knitted little heart (here)

recycled plastic hanger (here)

mini crochet bowl (here)

crochet bracelet with simple embroidery (here)

crochet placemat, part #1 (here)

crochet placemat, part #2 (here)

sweet tiny yarn butterflies (here)

basic granny square (here)

embellish a basic granny square (here)

granny square panel (here)

vertical garland (here)

basic granny circle "home sweet home" (here)

block stitch afghan (here)

pom pom cherries brooch (here)

granny square house (here)

bigger yarn butterflies (here)

oval scalloped table runner for "Catania Grande Project"

spiky baby blanket (herehere, here )

knitted diamonds (here)

how to sew pyramid purses from mitered squares (here)

my personal "Yarndale Bunting" to celebrate (here)

sun motif (here)

variations of the original pattern "Granny Triangle Pattern"
by BrittanyJJackson (here)

yarn candies (here)

pom pom Xmas tree (here)

IPad sleeve (here)

bears muzzles (here)

tetrahedron (here)

skull (here)

little houses (here)

stars (here)

Christmas baubles (here)

Christmas tree decorations (here)

crocheted butterfly (here)

guest post (here and here)

a bandana ! (here)

cat mat (here)

mini clown faces (here)

my Globetrotter Blanket (border) (here)

the fox (here)

a waist apron for a foxy lady (here)

a new shawl (here)

mini bunting/cake topper (here)

necklace (here)

"A" belt (here)

placemat with colourful stripes (here)

Halloween Star (here)

decoration cloud+snowflake (here)

circle in a rectangle (here)

colourful circles in colourful rectangles (here)

Europe bunting (here)

a sling bag (here)

doily along part 1 (here)

doily along part 2 (here)

Saint Nick ornaments (here)

doily along my reveal (here)

eyeglasses cord (3 versions) (here)

snowman decoration (here)

my first project on "cut out + keep"(here)
stripy wrist warmers 

my third project on "cut out + keep" (here)
stripy beanie

my fifth project on "cut out + keep" (here)
She + He gnomes

my sixth project on "cut out + keep" (here)
Sunny Key Ring Cosy

my last project on "cut out + keep" (here)
Granny Brooch

big heart hanging pouch (here)

pixelated heart hanging decoration (here)

mini easter bags (here)

My Granny Patchwork Blanket (here)

Lilliputian Baskets (here)

a bunch of flowers (here)

3 ovals wrist warmers (here)

the 31 autumnal stripes blanket (here)

The Gingerbread man Ornament (here)

The Gingerbread man Softie (here)

The Loopy Necklace (here)

Knitted Triangular Scarf (here)

Cheeky Monkey Heart (here)

the Bunny Bunting (here)

The April Fool's Day Fish (here)

Home Sweet Home garland (here)

how to join two squares of double crochet stitches (here)

Sombreros ring holders (here)

mini mandalas hanging decoration (here)

Rudi the Raibowdeer (here)

Full-lenght Rudi ornament (here)

Gingerbread house ornament (here)

mini colourful pillow (here)

mega oval scarf (here)

the Stabby Granny Tote Bag (here)

the Granny Yarn Chain (here)

the Fringe-rless Gloves (here)

Granny Bunny (here)

Diamonds Christmas Trees (here)

3 Bags in 1 (here)

The easy going blanket (here)

Lovely Funny Hat (here)

Diamond Motif Jewellery (here)


  1. Yeahhhhh! Leuk al die tutorials! Daar ga ik vast en zeker een keertje gebruik van maken!

    1. you are really welcome, my dear !!!!! ;oD
      xxxxxx Ale
      p.s. : have fun!!!!

  2. Your tutorials deserve a page of their one! Bravo!

  3. I like them. Would you kindly put a knited doll on here. I have always wanted to make one.

  4. Really nice all the tutorials. You've got a new follower :-)

    Greetings Emily

  5. Hi I'm looking for a blanket pattern but I cannot make yours out. Have you any straight forward patterns that tells u what to do and how many to chain?

    1. Sorry Gemma, but at the moment I don't have any blanket pattern you can follow!
      xxxxx Ale

  6. I just stumbled onto you blog and am very happy I have! Thank you for sharing your patterns, talent and most of all time with others who enjoy crocheting. I love the block stitch blanket and the edging on the globetrotter blanket. I will definitely be making them after the 1st of the year. Many thanks!!

    1. You are really welcome, Leigh! !!!
      Have fun crocheting,
      xxxx Ale


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