Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Make it ! Home Sweet Home garland !!!

A while ago (read this post, if you wish to be aware what I'm talking about), I crocheted some little houses, which then were forgotten in a box, once no more needed (as for the blogpost, dated 15 of October 2013!)....

.... but in one of those days that you decide it's time to do some clean up, I found them again and I knew, this time, what to do with all of these little houses !!!

I split them into two groups, each one with 7 houses.
The first group had a prevail of blues, greens and grey ...

The original pattern is the following (US crochet terminology) :
  • make a slip knot on your hook, chain 4 and slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.
  • chain 3, crochet 10 DCs into the ring and slip stitch in the top of your first DC made
  • chain 8 (chain 3= DC and chain 5 more, to form the first arch), in same stitch crochet 1 DC, crochet 3 DCs in next 3 stitches, chain 5 (2nd arch) and crochet 1 DC in following stitch, crochet 3 DCs in next 3 stitches, chain 5 (3rd arch), crochet 3 DCs in last 3 stitches and slip stitch in third chain of first arch
  • chain 3, and around the first arch : (3 DCs, chain 5, 3 DCs), 4 DCs in top of previous group of DCs, 8 DCs around the second arch, 4 DCs in top of previous of DCs, 8 DCs around the third arch, 3 DCs in top of previous group of DCs and slip stitch in the top of first DC made
  • roof : chain 3 and first DC in same stitch, 2 DCs in next stitches, and around the last arch : (3 DCs, chain 5, 3 DCs), 3 DCs, chain 3 and slip stitch in nearby DC or, if you prefer, just make another DC (instead of a chain 3)
  • fasten off
I've been using a 5mm hook and some colourful Indonesian acrylic yarns, but, honestly, you can choose any yarn and hook in accordance with the thickness of your thread!
Please note that DC stands for double crochet.

To join together all the houses into a garland, I decided to use a 4mm hook and some turquoise yarn from Sirdar (Wash'n' Wear), in this way :

make a slip knot on your hook and chain 60
choose your first house and in the first DC make a SC (single crochet), make other 5 SCs along the roof, 5 SCs around the arch, crochet the last 6 SCs along the other side of the roof
chain 18 between two different houses
chain 60, when completed the join with the last house
fasten off and trim the ends

when all done, I decided to add some little hearts (pattern HERE, from Lovenote Crafts) in the middle of the houses

I just knotted the hearts, using their tails, in the centre of each house

This first garland is no more in my hands, as I gifted it to Anneke, from crochetinpaternoster !!!

But, I kept the other one (plus an extra house!) just for me

The single house has just few differences with the houses in the garland :

the top has a loop (made of 20 chains) and 6 SCs along the arch (instead of 5)
the base of the house is embellished with some SCs
the heart in the middle, this time, presents some surface crochet

So, my garland is more reddish and pinkish ...

.... and hanging from one of my bookcases ....

.... all the houses are on a string, NOW !!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

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  1. where the heart is, is the home :) I love it byebye

  2. Ets imparable, Ale!!!! i tu sempre fent coses tan originals!
    T'han quedat precioses! Una abraçada!

  3. Cute! And such happy colors!
    Kate :}

  4. So cute! Would be a great housewarming gift :) Thankyou for sharing the pattern 😀

    1. Thank you Jill!!!
      Hope the pattern is understandable, if not don't hesitate to let me know!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  5. These houses are so cute. It is a simple but very nice pattern I will probably use soon. A good friend of mine is moving houses, maybe I'll make this garland as a little present for her new home. Wonderful! Viola

    1. Hi Viola!!!! How are you?? So happy to find you here, again!!!! I hope your friend will be happy in her new house and with your garland!!! xxxx Ale

  6. Really cute, and i can certainly identify with finding something you started 3 years later! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  7. So sweet, Ale! The little hearts make them just perfect!


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