Friday, 31 October 2014

I love this hat !!!!!

Now that everything is out of the boxes and that my yarn is my studio/bedroom and that my Japanese crochet books are in display on my bookcases …… well, I feel really happy !!!!! ;oD

I started to browse (again!) my lovely books and looking at my yarn stash I thought I was ready to experiment again with some Japanese crochet charts ….

…. In this book, I found a cheerful pattern ….

…. a happy hat, with some granny squares (easy), some lace (light) and a string with 2 pom poms at its ends …. obviously, this pattern (pattern name : Colorful motif Cap) was calling my name out loudly !!!

While choosing the colours, I decided that my hat has to be C-O-L-O-U-R-F-U-L, so no white was selected, but instead some bright pink and blue, purple, caramel and mint green !
With a 3,5mm hook, I began with the squares ….

When the 6 required granny squares were completed, I noticed that they were not big as the ones on the book pictures (and I have a head circumference of 56cm, even because of my thick hair !), so I decided to add one more round to each granny and to use the join as you go method : in this way I reached the right size for my big head ! ;oD

After the joining of the squares, I had to adapt the pattern as I have added some extra stitches with my personal pattern changes, but it all went on smoothly, as you can see …

with the work going on, round after round ….

…. I reached the end of it in a couple of days (20 rounds of lace)….

So, I trimmed in the ends (luckily I was doing this boring job, little by little, during a few "crochet pit-stops"!!!)…

I put this tubular shape in the box, while working on the last details ….

Then, I collected the almost ready hat, I made the cord pass through some holes (along the 14th round), I made a knot+bow and finally I had to sew on the pom poms …. DONE !!!!!!!!!

Wanna have a good look ??? Please ….

…. and as today is Halloween (Happy Halloween to everyone !!!!) get ready to be scared …..

….. I'm in love with this hat !!!!! It's not possible not to be !!!!! In fact, I started a new one with the same yarn, but with a different colours combo !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Doily-Along Part 2

Yesterday I've opened our last box from the big move …. YAY !!!!!!
I hope that in the next days I'll start again with my regular blogging, because I miss it so much !!!!

In the meantime, as you know, I've joined Kate in her Doily Along CAL ( if you are curious to know more, just click herehere and here ) and while waiting for her last post, I crocheted some colourful doilies … 

( Do you recognise my Globetrotter Blanket ? The ideal background for a doilies photo shot, don't you think ??? ;oD …. Anyway it's laying right now on our bed and it's so lovely to snuggle under it in the cold nights!!!)

On Saturday Kate posted her Doily-Along Part 2, so I could begin to join my doilies together, starting with this one …

…. the only thing that I can say is : this is not going to be a big doily ….

…. stay tuned and you'll discover what I have in mind for these motifs !!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Doily-Along !!!

…. Last Thursday, KATE gave a Doily-Along Announcement ….

…. mmmm …. what to do ??? I was just stating to unpack all my boxes …. where is the yarn ? …. where are all my hooks ? …. and other thoughts like that …. especially this one : are you nuts ? ….
…. well, I've never been in a CAL before and Kate is a dear bloggy friend, so I decided to enter in !!!!

No 1,65 mm hook for me, no thread …. I prefer to use my 100% acrylic yarn 8 ply ( MODA Vera by Marvel) in bright colours …. with a 3,5mm hook …. even if the yarn calls for a 4mm hook …. how brave am I ??? ;oD

So this morning, just after reading the Doily-Along Part 1 posted by Kate, I started to crochet my first motif …

Honestly, I'm not a great fan of doilies ( even mandalas, but I crocheted one for Yarndale anyway !!!!), but I like new challenges and I'm always eager to learn something new in crochet …. and when the right colours combo is at your hands, why not ?

So, it was easy to complete the first 3 rounds ….

…. the 4th round ….

…. and the 5th round, that is the last round of the motif chosen by Kate ….

So, I confronted my work with the one made by Kate ….

…. and I have to admit that it was fun !!!!

Do you wanna join, too ??? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


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