Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Harlequin Hoodie !!!

A friend of mine kindly asked me to crochet her a hoody cowl with pompoms….
I started the work last Tuesday afternoon and it was completed this morning!!!!!

She wanted something really colourful, to wear this Christmas time back in Italy (oh yes, she lives in JK, too!!!)…..

I found this pattern, called Harlequin Hoodie, on Ravelry as a free Ravelry download !!!!! WOW !!!!

The designer is Marken of The Hat & I and she owns an Etsy shop here, where she sells her crochet patterns !!!

The pattern is a written one, with no charts to follow….. I'm a chart person, but honestly I didn't have any problem to follow it!!!!

I've used a 5mm hook and the crocheting went smooth and fast!

A kind model (no moustaches today!) helped me to take some extra pictures to show you how the hoody cowl fits on…

Well, I'm really really pleased with the outcome…..

…..what about you girls ????

Hope my friend will be happy of her cowl ( my husband wants one, too!) : I'm giving it to her tomorrow….!!!!!!! ;oD

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today Links : Link your Stuff ! …..I kindly suggest you to go there, too, because there is a giveaway on !!!! yay!!!! Don't miss this one, too : hookin on hump day #60 link party fiber arts !!!!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Just 3 little things…..

1 ) I've added a new crocheted granny letter to my new project (see here and here !!!!) : another "L"….

2) This morning my 2 boys went to school not in uniform, but with some afro wigs and fake moustaches to celebrate Movember ….

….nice dudes, right? ;oD

3) This :

Chantal, the lovely hostess of HaakBrei-n, made a christmas tree following my last tutorial !!!!
How cute is that?
Thank you Chantal to let me know about your project : it made me feel so happy !!!! ;oD
You can have a look here to see what Chantal made!!!

I'm really curious to know if someone else have made some little trees, too, following my photo tutorial!
I'll be so honoured to show your works here on my blog!!!!!

Happy Weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Creative Friday !!!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Botanical Gardens in Bogor

As written in my last post, on Friday I was out Jakarta (with my husband) to visit the Botanical Gardens in Bogor, more or less 60 km south JK.

It was a sunny day and over there the air was less still than the big city, so it was a lovely stroll!!

Today, instead, is raining cats and dogs, so I think this is the right moment to appreciate some sunny snapshots, right?

Enjoy !!!!

do you see the little black "dinosaur"….?????

no parking on the grass!!!!

an old Dutch cemetery

"The Lorax" in my mind….

can you spot the green lizard under the leaves????

a tree seed

fossil wood

I see a face!

snack time : seafood nasi goreng for the boy….

…. and fried bananas with grated chocolate for the girl!!!!

…too many?????
You deserve a cup of coffee/tea!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


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