Sunday, 23 February 2014

Make it ! Mini clown faces !!!

I was thinking about something simple and colourful to do, not time consuming but effective!
Something good to gift as party favours, too!!!!!
This is the main reasoning behind my mini clown faces, that are not very detailed in embellishments, but you can easily understand what they are….. or not????? ;oD

You will need :

  • some white (clown face) and colourful (clown hair) yarn
  • a hook
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn needle
  • some pom poms
  • craft glue
  • brooch backs
  • thread and needle to sew pins
  • some cord and baker's twine
As usual, I'll use US crochet terms to explain my work!

To start, you have to collect your hook and the white yarn : we are going to crochet the face of the clown!
Make a slip knot, chain 4 and insert the hook in the first chain done, to form a ring.
( You can find a detailed photo tutorial HERE, if you need one!)
Now, chain 3 and crochet 11 double crochets into the ring.  
Just before the "fasten off", you'll have something like this …

To close your round, insert the hook in the top of your first "chain 3", pull the yarn and fasten off.

After trimming in the ends, pick a new colour for the hair and make a slip knot on the hook with it

and insert the hook in the top of any stitch. Make a single crochet, chain 2 and make a double crochet in the same stitch …

You need to work 2 double crochets in each of the following 5 stitches, so that you will have 6 couples of DCs …

Trim in the ends …

…. and with the help of some glue, attach a pom pom, in the middle of the clown face, as a nose …

Easily done, right ???

What to do with these mini clown faces?

Well, you can use them as pendants on very basic necklaces …

I collected a piece of red cord and a piece of matching baker's twine (both long 1mt) and two beads.
I knotted them together in the back and voila' ….

If you prefer, you can have a little brooch instead ….

…. just sew a brooch pin on the back of your clown and wear it …

….. maybe there are different things in your mind, as little garlands, cards, hair clips, bracelets, cake toppers, or ….. ?????? ;oD

HAVE FUN and let me know what are you going to do with them!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Shawl with triangles : TA-DAH DAY !!!

The original pattern was calling for fringes….
…. So I started with the first one at the bottom …

…. and from the base to the top, I went on adding fringes…..

…each time I knotted one, I just combed it and then trimmed the ends!!!
The fringes are almost 20cm long and when all done, this was the result ….

…. but….. for me was not yet done !!!!!
So I started to add some tiny pompoms, just to give to the shawl a more ethnic feeling, you know…

…. and I continued to add them ….

…. After having 15 pompoms, I was finally happy with my work… YAY! …..

Yesterday morning, I took the shawl out in our garden ( no rain!!!!!!) ….

…. and my husband generously accepted to model it, with the promise that I had no intention to take pictures of his head/face…

…. and this is the pin that I'm going to use with my shawl : the face pictured on is mine, from ages ago ….. !!!!! ….

…. still my model in action…

and to simply savour the 3D effect given by pompoms and the ridges, I took a couple of extra pics ….

….. well, now is time to hear from you ladies!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shawl with triangles : part 2 !!!!

…. that is the JOINING….
…. Sometimes boring, but not difficult at all…..

completing row 4

…. I just joined the triangles row by row, using slip stitches and changing the colour of the thread at the beginning of each row….

row 5

row 5, upside down!

…. and with the progress of the work, it was much more fun to look at the triangles joined together…

…. It didn't take a long time to finish even row 6 …

I had only to fight to have a good light in my photos, but in these days we have rain after rain and the sky is sooooooo greyish and dark …. SOB! …..

The work went on, mindless of the weather condition, so even the last row (7th) reached the end…

…. In this way, I was able to put the shawl on my dummy's shoulders….


back from top view


right side

left side

…. I took even a couple of pics with myself wearing my new shawl….

….So it's really wearable !!!!! Not sure untill all the triangles were in place !!!!! ;oD

Well, we are still missing some embellishments here …..
…. I tell you : the work is done and I'm really happy about the final result, but you know what?
You have to wait my next post, with all the last details of this beauty…. not ashamed in saying that, because honestly I would love to wear it right now, even in Jakarta!!!!!! SIGH, TOO HOT !!!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

If you like, you may have a look at this post, to know more about this shawl !!! ;oD THANK YOU!

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day ...

….. to you all and to me, too!!!!!
Right this morning, I received a parcel from Holland (Thank you Tinie!!)….

…. because I was one of the two lucky winners of this GIVEAWAY !!!!
I tried to open the envelope with calm, so that I could see the content of it…

… there was a little fight with my curious cat, but at the end I was able to take a decent pic of my new cowl and happy card ( I love Elmer the elephant : how did you know that Tinie????)….

Then, I had to try it on ….. !!!!! ……

….but I have to keep it for next winter time!
For some days this cowl will stay here, where I can see it when using my laptop (so very often!)

THANK YOU TINIE, with all my heart !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

….. Tobia and my husband gave me these at breakfast time….

…. a real good day for me !!!! So spoilt !!!!! Love you boys!!!!!


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