Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shawl with triangles : part 2 !!!!

…. that is the JOINING….
…. Sometimes boring, but not difficult at all…..

completing row 4

…. I just joined the triangles row by row, using slip stitches and changing the colour of the thread at the beginning of each row….

row 5

row 5, upside down!

…. and with the progress of the work, it was much more fun to look at the triangles joined together…

…. It didn't take a long time to finish even row 6 …

I had only to fight to have a good light in my photos, but in these days we have rain after rain and the sky is sooooooo greyish and dark …. SOB! …..

The work went on, mindless of the weather condition, so even the last row (7th) reached the end…

…. In this way, I was able to put the shawl on my dummy's shoulders….


back from top view


right side

left side

…. I took even a couple of pics with myself wearing my new shawl….

….So it's really wearable !!!!! Not sure untill all the triangles were in place !!!!! ;oD

Well, we are still missing some embellishments here …..
…. I tell you : the work is done and I'm really happy about the final result, but you know what?
You have to wait my next post, with all the last details of this beauty…. not ashamed in saying that, because honestly I would love to wear it right now, even in Jakarta!!!!!! SIGH, TOO HOT !!!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

If you like, you may have a look at this post, to know more about this shawl !!! ;oD THANK YOU!

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  1. Ale, your shawl is beautiful. Love it! Love Tinie

  2. Woowww!Il più é comunque fatto!Sei stata veloce,in quest'ultima fase.Ora aspetto la versione definitiva.Buon fine settimana!:-)

  3. You are fast Ale! The shawl has the WOW factor, well done!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. thank you Andree' !!!!
      In the last few days I have been at home because of a very annoying cold, so to not get bored I decided to crochet a little bit!!!! ;oD
      happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  4. Ale this is a very beautiful shawl!

  5. So pretty! Still love that color combo!!
    Kate :}

  6. It's beautiful Ale - just lovely. :)

  7. get your craft on, how great is that! very clever, Heather x

  8. just beautiful♥♥
    xxxo, martina

  9. Oh so lovely! And such a beautiful colour combination!

  10. This is perfect to wear on a gray winter day like the ones we're having this week. Great job as always, Ale!

    Enjoy Sunday!

  11. I love it Ale! Such a pretty sight all those coloured triangles...
    Well done! Love from Mirjam.

    1. thank you Mirjam!!!
      We'll what you are going to say after the "ta-dah" post!!! ;oD
      xxxxxxx Ale


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