Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My second bazaar : done!!!!

This morning, from 9:00, till late afternoon, !6:30, I've attended my new bazaar.....

.....Not alone, but together my "partner in crime" Suzanna.....!!!!

See you soon, xxx

Posted : 29/11/2011 time: 21:56

Monday, 28 November 2011

What's new on my working table!

... A brand new owl : Miss Owllure! As the other owls of my nest, she is a gift for a friend of mine and she already left my home!!

She is different from Miss Owlette and Miss Owloween for just one thing.... Infact, there is no cage dangling from her claws, but a clock! I think it's good, anyway! I didn't have any more cages in my drawer...Just some bycicles, the Eiffel Tower, some butterflies and some flowers....I thought the clock had a good chance to have a perfect fit with my owl!

I'm in love with these fish! What do you think? I'm so excited about the velvety effect! Look how different they are even from this one

This one is amazing, too, but it's not so warm, so brilliantly colourful....!!! Well, i'm so happy with the new version!

New handknitted bracelets! They didn't take a long time to knit : it was much longer the customizing time, oh yes! The result is attractive and I hope that tomorrow at the bazaar they will catch some curious customer... we'll see! Another peak? Please, take one more look!

And now all of you : CHEESE!!!! I've taken a group pic :

I love all this coulours together!! They make me feel so thrilled and chirpy!!!!

What to do with the felt spirals, instead?

Well, some ideas popped in my head....like this one :

Earrings! They are so so light, that you can forget about them all day long, while wearing them!

...And a new necklace! Just add some wooden  beads, a bright cord, some ribbons (checkeed; please!) and lovely fabric roses and you will have.....

...A big mess on the table! Infact this is still a WIP, but I think that you did get the idea, right?
Well, now I'm a little bit tired, so I'll leave you for a cup of hot tea, to sip on my pink sofa just for a little while....my boys are back from school, so my day is not finished yet! ; )

See you soon, xxx

Posted : 28/11/2011 time: 17:20

My second bazaar.....!!!!

Please come and have fun! It will be a pleausure to meet you all and have a nice chat! You know that Christmas is really close and maybe you may find the right gift for relatives and friends!

See you there, xxxx

Posted : 28/11/2011 time: 7:45am

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jakarta Selatan by foot! Part #2

I'm back from the grocery store and my little boy had lunch, so..... Enjoy the second half!!!

do you really want to try?

fluffy like pom poms!

...even in Jakarta!
graffiti cut #1
graffit cut #2
graffiti cut #3
graffiti cut #4
3d sign of a reflexology and massage center

dentist's sign

the guardian of the cemetery!

look at the eyes!

                                                              THE END!!!

.....I have to go back to my crafs.....They are desperatedely calling me....!!!!

See you soon, xxx

Posted : 24/11/2011 at 14:10

Jakarta Selatan by foot!

The little boy feels better this morning, so I decided to take a longer walk today.....
....take a seat and some popcorn.......!!!!

grab this one!

a pic of me!
bamboo scaffolding

style is not to be sneezed out!


Christmas around the corner

a bakso plying hide and seek!

coca cola corner

a tropical view
.......To be continued......
I have to go out for some grocery shopping, sorry!!!

Posted : 24/11!2011 at 10:20am


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