Thursday, 10 November 2011

My first Bazaar in Jakarta!

I did it! My first bazaar in Asia!! It's so funny  to think about it in these terms!! I'm still tired for yesterday experience, but even so happy for this kind of opporunity! You can meet a lot of lovely and creative people and some nice customers, too!
The bazaar was located in a traditional indonesian restaurant and it was perfect for the feeling of warm and cozyness! I had a small table (next time I'll book at least two!) where to unload my stuff and it was quite difficult to organize a nice display, as you can see....

...and this made me think about how to improve my next exhibition in the following bazaar (on the 29th of November), so last night I didn't sleep a lot because I was writing down a long list of things to do......
I have to thank a very good friend for her kind attention yesterday morning at the opening of the show, because she arrived with a hot cappuccino and some sweets (baked by herself) for me to start my day in a very lovely way....Grazie di cuore Paola, ti voglio tanto bene!!!!
Paola took even this picture...

...Here we are, I and Suzanna! I met Suzanna some weeks ago (a common friend introduced me to Suz : thank you Janet!) and we discovered to share the same passion : knitting! We had a lot of fun yesterday, sharing tables and thoughts all day long during the bazaar!!!! A big thank you even to you Suz!!!

See you soon, xxx

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