Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What a confusion!!!

I need to clarify my blog situation!!
I've registered my blog with the Italian Blogger. Infact the date and a lot of the gadgets on the two sides of the page are written in Italian. The real problem is the date! I live in Jakarta and at the moment we are 6 hours ahead Italy, so when I print my post, this is registered with the italian date and hour (it seems written 6 hours before!) and not with the Indonesian ones! So, I think it could be nice from me to add the real time each time I write a post, just to be correct! I'm thinking to add it at the end of the new written post ....I hope to remember it! For the ones that are really curious : I didn't sign with the Indonesian Blogger only because I'm not capable to speak and read Indonesian..!!!!!

Now I'll show you my new creation.......

This time I've used a longer thread so that I could complete the necklace with one piece only and less knots!
Next week I'll attend a new bazaar so that's why I'm creating and crafting non-stop! It's fun and relaxing anyway!
While I was working in my studio on this fishy (!!!!) project, I was in good company with....

....a sick boy (39 and some lines of temperature because of sore throat) and a lovely cat that wanted to cheer up a miserable friend....PURRFECT!!!

See you sooon, xxxx

Posted 16:05 , 23/11/2011

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