Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some cuteness and a little bit of silliness!

Oh yeah! I've crafted a couple of days ago an owl for me! Her name is Miss Owlessandra (!!!) and I'm really proud and happy to go around with her around my neck, as infact she is my own owl necklace!!

And what about this velvety fish? It's really light as a pendant for another necklace and the colours are really yummy! Even Margot was interested in playing with this little fella...

You know? This 3D fish project is not new at all! I've started to bead its brothers and sisters 6/7 years ago while in Cairo. The first ones where made in honour of Nemo and they looked like these ones :

So the idea is still the same, but the beads are different! Which one do you prefer? I'm curious to know !

Well, now give space to the silliness....

I'll tell you all the story! I was still beading the fish and Margot desperately wanted to play with it, BUT.... so, I collected out from my sewing basket the tailor tape measure and I started to swing it in front of her eyes and GOTCHA! The cat was all tangled with the tape and she didn't bother at all!
Isn't she cute? Silly and cute....not bad!!!

See you soon, xxx

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  1. Owlessandra is splendid! I bet she looks fabulous when you wear her. And your fish is lovely too, wonderful colours. Your walk from your last post was interesting, but I felt sorry for the little dog with the terrible skin condition, where big clumps of fur are missing on his back, the poor thing, it makes me feel very sad. Vanessa xxx


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