Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Many W.I.P. !!!

WIP: tea towel!

So many ideas that pop every hour in my mind!!!! My hands are so impatient to start each crafty plan that I've started different projects and the time is never enough to complete any of them......Probably there are too many wip in the house right now....

This is my first owl! One day he/she will be ready to fly to the house of a very good friend of mine......

What about these ones? Except for the first one on the left (it was my first attempt!), I'm in love with the bright colours of these chunky cuffs.....

Another one on the knitting needles! They are fast and so simple to knit (and so addictive!).......

Oh yes, a bag! I've knitted this one some time ago and I'm not so happy about the colours selection....Probably I should complete the sewing and it could be I'll fall in love with this bag, too! I hope!

A useful tip to the ones who like to knit with more than one yarn/cotton threads at a time like I always do!

Collect a shoes box and on the top of it make holes (as many as you need). I've made four of them and in the future I can add more if I need to knit with more colours. Then open the box....

....and put inside the yarn/cotton balls you will use in your project. From each ball pull a lenght of thread and let it passes in one hole from the inside to the outside of the box lid! Easy peasy!

 So you can knit whatever you like without the constant nightmare to stop your work every few minutes to untangle the threads.....!!!!

I conclude my show with a batch of felt swirlies....YUMMY!

See you soon, xxx

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