Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Europe Bunting !!!

I wrote a photo tutorial to follow in case you want to crochet a circle in a rectangle (here and here), because I needed some rectangles (with circles in the middle!) to prepare a bunting for the upcoming event in school, that is International Week!
Not just a colourful bunting, but one dedicated to Europe …. and I did it !!!
This morning I completed it …

I needed to embroider 12 stars (the real flag has 13 stars on it!) on each flag …. I have 16 flags, so I decided to work the simplest stars ever, just using some straight stitches, some yellow yarn and a yarn needle…. yesterday afternoon I completed this task ! ;oD

This morning ….

…. I started to join the flags : with the royal blue yarn and a 4mm hook, I crocheted 100 chains, then I picked my first flag and I continued to crochet into the top of the top stitches (using single crochets). At the end the flag (so for all the spaces between two adjacent flags) I crocheted 15 chains ….

…. and I completed the work, crocheting other 100 chains after the last flag ….

Because of the weight of the bunting (and to break the monotony of the blue), I decided to add an extra row of single crochets, using the same bright yellow, that worked beautifully for the stars before ….

…. Tobia had some fun in taking a couple of pictures of me while crocheting ….

…. then the camera was back again in my hands ….

…. and the bunting was made ….

I'm really happy about this bunting, that is effective ( and eye catching!), I think!!! ;oD
Tomorrow morning the school PTA will see it for the first time …. I just cross my fingers !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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Friday, 26 September 2014

This Wednesday morning….

…. Looking down from my bedroom window,  I saw this blue flood of people coming from the beach ….

…. they are members of a Zionist Church, that have the custom to worship in the open air.
Every morning I watch little groups of them, but Wednesday had to be a big day (but I don't know why, mine it's only a deduction), because of the big number of persons participating at the ceremony in their blue ritual garments ….

xxxx Alessandra

In the meantime, I found more informations about African Zionism : please, read here and here !
thank you !

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another architectural walking tour : colonial Maputo

Last Thursday morning, my husband took a day off from work so we booked a new walking tour with Maputo a pe ! This time the theme was : Colonial Maputo.
The morning was bright and with a gentle breeze from the ocean and we had a great guide, who was really well informed about all the buildings we looked at : such a pleasure to listen and to ask more questions!!!
There are a lot of pictures, because we had two cameras with us and not all the photos are strictly colonial themed …. !!!!
Wanna have a look? let's start, then!!!

xxxx Alessandra


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