Monday, 15 September 2014

While crocheting a motif ….

…. do you observe, stitch after stitch, the full potential of a crochet motif ?
It's a kind of game for me and it makes a repetitive motif ( for example, when you crochet a blanket ) less boring, even because I learn a lot along the way ….

Few days ago, I started to crochet the free GRANNY's GARDEN HEXAGON by Cherie and once memorised the pattern, I had the time to spy with my little eye…..

…. a little eye (from ancient Egypt?) ….

…. a circle (O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y! …. I know ….)

…. a jug ….

…. a more exotic amphora ….

…. a house ….

…. a face with long hair ….

…. a mini hexagon …. (waiting for it, sooner or later !!!!!) ….

…. a bigger amphora (and just before, a bigger jug!) ….

…. another home ….

…. and bigger and bigger hexagons ….

… or a flower… or a pinwheel…..

…. a gift wrap ? ….

…. or maybe the blades of a windmill ? ….

…. but after a while, the motif becomes clearer and clearer….

…. and you reach the end of the pattern, so that you can join your last motif to the previous ones ….

…. you can repeat this game again, but once is enough…. I think !!!!
…. enough to fix an idea (bunting? appliqué'? ) that could be nice for your next project !!!! ;oD

I know that sometimes I complain about the waiting for my yarn stash from Indonesia, but you know what???
After a long research on Internet and some helpful google translate ( unbelievable, but true!), I found a couple of "retrosarias" here in Maputo !!!! What is a retrosaria (you may ask)? Well, in Portoguese retrosaria means haberdashery…. so I was able to find some YARNS !!!!!!!! YES !!!!!

Ok, they are not the best quality of acrylics, but this is not the point now!
The important thing is to know that there are places where you can buy what (=yarns and notions) you need for both crochet and knitting !!!!
I was so happy when I entered these shops !!!! There where a lot of crafty ladies in and I didn't feel alone in my craving for yarn!!!
I went even in a very popular market to look for some yarn …. such an experience !!! That morning my driver came down from the car and accompanied me in that search, because of my complete ignorance of Portoguese and because he was worried about some thieves in the street…. I had to follow him very close and I had to keep my bag well adherent to my body!!! I was not afraid at all and I had a lot of fun passing through the people and all the stuff of the market, that was really colourful!!! The pity was I couldn't even collect out my phone to take some pics ….. !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Cool, I am making these too! But decided on a different joining method :-)

  2. Well, I'd say having to be wary of thieves would be worth the trip to get some yarn - but you be careful! Have a great day Ale. :)

    1. no worries Debi !!!!! Now I know where to go !!!! ;oD
      xxxxxxx Ale

  3. Nice colors and great story.... it's true, when you are looking at your work , sometimes , you spot a lot of other idea's of a pattern. Nice colors, byebyeeeeeeeee Francien

  4. Nice post and lovely colours I see! I like the motif too!
    But I do not understand about crocheting being boring? That is probably because I am a crochet addict:)

    1. No, crochet itself is not boring!!!!!! When I work on big projects ( not so often, but ….), it could happen to have a repetitive motif that, after a while, it results "boring" to crochet for a long time! That's why, maybe, I usually work on many crochet wips…. see "crochet"!!! ;oD
      xxxxxx Ale

  5. Hi Ale,

    Wish I found inspiration again to crochet like I did before, but since my husband death it's seems to have gone completely. Looking at your cheerful yarns and hexagons makes me smile! You never know it may happen sooner than I think!

    Thank you too for leaving such kind comments!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  6. Ale, you totally made me crack up. And now I WILL start seeing things in my motifs -- just like seeing images in clouds, right? :)

  7. This will make me look differently at the next motif I make! Pretty pattern, and I love the colors of your new yarn!!!
    Kate :}

  8. Buongiorno ragazza! Che avventura la tua vita a Maputo !L'autista ti avrà catalogato come" l 'eccentrica signora a caccia di filo ?" Me ne sono persa qualche puntata, assente e assorbita dalla sistemazione universitaria dei figli e adesso che la scuola ricomincia , spero di riprendere in mano le redini e di dare una sistemata a progetti e craft room; )
    Belli i colori che hai scelto , e con la fantasia ci hai visto di tutto in quel motivo , mi piace tanto , devo provare anche io forse prima con le presine , ne sto accatastando una montagna , mi porto avanti per i regali di Natale !| Ti abbraccio e ti auguro una buona giornata !
    A presto

  9. Cool posting Ale! Here is hoping that you will find the spots where the local ladies sit and craft (could be anywhere from a street corner to in front of their homes) and you could join them! If you google "Zimbabwe Crochet" you will be able to see what the neighbours are doing too - the ladies there fancy working with natural threads and if you are lucky, you will be able to find these in Maputo too. Cheers!

    1. This is really interesting Magda!!!!!!
      Thank you for the hint : I'm going to browse the "Zimbabwe Crochet" right now!!!! ;oD
      thank you so much, xxxxx Ale

  10. Hi Ale! It's like crochet story telling!! I'm loving it!!! Brilliant! :)
    Maybe it's because our brains are trained to look for patterns in the world we see. And since crochet is also about pattern, emerging shapes and repetition, you are much quicker to 'see' things in the crochet in front of you! (Just goes to show that crochet is good for the brain!)
    I don't know how you could manage in any place without yarn and hooks. Glad you managed to find some!!!
    Happy crocheting!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid!!!
      I really enjoyed your comment and you are absolutely right about how good crochet is for our brains!!!!
      Xxxxxxx Ale

  11. Play away dear friend! The motifs look spectacular!
    Also I must mention your yarn finds - they look lovely and I am sure you'll be pretty busy now, eh?

  12. Love the way you look at things Ale! I can see crochet motifs in a whole new light, hehe! So happy you have some new yarn and had so much fun buying it - have a lovely 'crocheting' time :) :)
    Alison x

  13. You have a real designer's eye for pattern, Ale! How lovely that you have found some yarn shops in Maputo! Buying it in the market sounds very exciting too....Enjoy your new yarns!
    Helen xox

  14. Grazie per il tutorial, è sempre utile ripassare!

  15. Cheap or expensive you can always make yarn look good! :) xxx


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