Saturday, 13 September 2014

Make it !!! Halloween star with granny diamonds !

….. I miss my crochet books a lot (especially the Japanese ones !), but I have to be patient and wait for our container from Indonesia, which is supposed to arrive on the 9th of October….
I was thinking about granny diamonds ( the same I used for these projects ) and their pattern was found on one of my crochet motifs' book…. Not having this book at the moment, I decided to have a look on Pinterest, where I found this pattern (written in Dutch) : here by Catherine.

My starting idea was to translate this pattern in English for you, so I left a couple of comments in the comment box for Catherine, but she didn't reply to me. If you have any struggle with Dutch crochet terms, I suggest you to have a look at this translation from US crochet stitches ( what I usually follow) into Dutch terms and abbreviations !!! If you scroll down that page, you can even find the correspondent  English crochet terminology !!!

Following the pattern, I crocheted my first granny diamond with a 4mm hook and using 2 strands (orange and dark grey) of 4 ply acrylics ….

As I don't change the yarn colour at the end of each round, "my pattern" is slightly different from the original one…. In fact, when I finish a round (completed after a slip stitch), I crochet 2 more slip stitches in the top of the second and third stitch of the shell, so that I reach the chain-1 space, where I crochet one more slip stitch and where I chain 2 or 3 as requested by the pattern!

Once finished the first diamond, I started a second one ….

…. and while crocheting the 4th round of this second diamond, I joined it with the first one using the join as you go method…

Then, I had 3 diamonds ….

…. and last night I did my first Halloween Star (!!!!), named in this way because of the chosen colours …

Before going to bed, I pinned my star ( 24 cm wide ) on a mattress and blocked it with the help of some iron steam !
This morning I added a decorative border, made of picots and single crochets ….

The picots at the top of the star points and in the joining points of 2 diamonds are made of 5 chains, while the picots in the chain-1 spaces are made of 3 chains !

Another use for the granny diamonds ( just 3 this time ) :

I joined the 3 pieces together with some single crochets, then I added a tassel (here, but not chunky!) and a chain in contrasting colour, helpful to hang your decoration anywhere!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Nice diamonds! I could have helped you with Dutch-English English-Dutch terms:)
    Anyway, seems that you did a good job!

  2. Thank you Andre'e!!!! Next time I'll remember that !!!! ;oD
    I just wanted the share the pattern translated into English, but without the OK from Catherine I felt it was not a good thing to do !!!!
    If I need you, I'll "call" you with no esitation !!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. I think the 9th of October is a great day for you all, I can imagine you miss a lot of your stuf. But this diamond star is great, byebye Francien

    1. thank you for your empathy Francien !!!! ;oD
      Glad you like my star, too !!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  4. Bellissima idea,la stella!Da fare anche in versione natalizia.Buon fine settimana,Ale!

  5. My crochet hooks must have an inch of dust on them! You've given me an idea for some Christmas decorations (oops, I've said 'that' word)! Love them!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. thank you Chel!!!!! I would love to see your stars!!!!!
      xxxxxxx Ale

  6. That's a long wait until October 9, the diamond is very beautiful. X Chantal

  7. A beautiful star, Ale!
    I hope that your container arrives soon!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Fun Halloween decoration! I like how you held the yarn double!
    Kate :}

  9. The star is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this project with us !

  10. such fun crocheting, thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday! I guess that orange star is about as close to fall as you're gonna get in Indonesia!

    1. thank you Sara!!!
      you know what? We are no more in Indonesia!!! In fact, since the beginning of August we live in Maputo, Mozambique!!! ;oD
      xxxxxx ale

  11. Such cute ideas Alessandra - I can understand you miss your craft books a lot - I would definitely miss mine too! They'll be with you before you know it :) :)
    Alison x

  12. Wow you translated something from Dutch :) Awesome! I love both the star and the hanging ornament. Thank you for participating in mijn link party! You got featured!

  13. Wow, super, Ale!! ♥ Very very pretty and a nice idea. Perfect colors for Halloween and fall :D. Oh and the little pendant with tassle is beautiful, too, so sweet!!


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