Wednesday, 30 October 2013


....I love you, trees!!!!
That's why lately I'm obsessed with them, quite a lot!!!
I have different projects on the hook related with trees, but let's start with the first one....

....a star and a granny diamond......only one????

....obviously no !!!

...yes, above you can see all the pieces needed to complete a christmas decoration.....

....I'm only waiting for the right mood to start the sewing......

But I have other 2 project on the way!!!!!

The second work has to be kept secret until the middle of November.....sorry !!!!!!!

I can show you the third one, instead, ok? Good!!! ;oD

Working with granny diamonds, gave me a new tree idea, but nothing to do with Christmas, this time!!

I wanted a huge tree.... measures 62cmx62cm, more or less !!!!!

I started with the foliage, crocheting in total 14 granny diamonds and joining them with the "join as you go " method.
Then, I made the trunk, starting with 3 complete granny diamonds to which I joined 6 half diamonds!!!
Even here, I've used the join as you go method!
The last step consisted in adding more "leaves" to the tree. I did that crocheting a scallop edge around the green diamonds.....too much??? Maybe, but I really like the 3D effect!!!

I'm really curious to know your impressions about this tree !!!!
In the next post I'll show you what I made with it..... ;oD ..... !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today link party : Creative Friday !!! See you there, too!!!!


  1. Your tree looks wonderful! Very creative! :)

  2. So very creative... Can't wait to see what you made with it.

  3. Beautiful, Alessandra! Great colours! xx

  4. I agree, i like the scallops and the effect it gives! very original! Heather x

  5. Ciao Ale, bellissimi i tuoi granny squares ma mi piace moltoanche la stellina , sarebbe ideale per una bella ghirlanda natalizia, che ne dici ?Un bacione

  6. Dear Ale, you're so creative. The ideas are so inspiring. Love Tinie

  7. Oh some of those close up shots are amazing! I love close ups of crochet, especially colourful crochet. Love these tree ideas Ale, making me feel Christmassy!!! xxx

  8. Hello Ale,
    You have such a creative mind! I love to see how you make all these things, your tree is a very unique :)

  9. What a fun tree! Always nice to see some beautiful crochet...;-)

  10. You're always coming up with some nice stuff Ale. I love your little trees - they're very creative. :)

  11. Fantastic idea!! I love how the color in the center of the green granny squares makes it look like ornaments on the tree!! Love it!
    Kate :}

  12. Gorgeous, Ale! you are very creative!
    Congrats! it is very, very nice...

  13. What a beautiful shade of green, these look fab Ale! :) x

  14. Your crochet squares look great and i like the colour too..look forward to seeing what you make.

  15. Beautiful colours in your big mystery tree :)

  16. I love your tree, You are invited to share this with Show Your Stuff:

  17. Very clever. I really like the way the squares overlap on the second tree.

  18. Those trees are really fun! Nice job!

  19. Very cute and so creative, what a wonderful way to use granny squares

  20. Lovely ideas you have!! I´m crocheting a tree inspired by yours (with circles).
    Thanks for sharing.


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