Thursday, 3 October 2013

My first African Flowers !!!!

I've just followed the african flower crochet pattern found at The Yvestown Blog !!!
I wanted to try this pattern for a while now, so this morning , while sitting on my pink sofa with some indonesian acrylic yarn, I took a 5mm hook and I started to crochet one flower after another....

....and then, going out from my comforting zone, I crocheted 3 flowers in pastel colours (but with a neon touch!!!)....

Then, I changed the background for extra photos.....

...the last two..... ;oD ..... !!!!! ........

I suggest you even to have a look at the pattern shared by Heidi Bears , a classic for this motif!!!!
Enjoy crocheting,

xxxx Alessandra


  1. I love your african flowers! ❤

  2. You African flowers are lovely! I want to try this pattern, but have to finish other projects first.

  3. African flowers with the Ale twist, well done!

  4. These flowers are also on my to-do list (I have a whole pile of projects waiting...) But you beat me to it..they look beautiful! xx

  5. Those flowers have turned out very nice!!

  6. So pretty! I made some of these into dish scrubbies awhile ago! I really enjoyed the motif!
    Kate :}

  7. You're right up our backyard with these flowers! Aren't they lovely to hook? I especially like how you made those with the center and single edge in the same colour. But any which way they are pretty - so many variations and combinations to use. Enjoy it!

  8. They are beautiful! I crocheted one African flower a couple of years ago and never did anything with it and never made another one. :/ Tammy


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