Saturday, 5 October 2013

......Maybe it's a little bit early....

....but : do you fancy a fluffy POM POM Xmas Tree ????

This is not a proper tutorial, but I think you can figure out how to make it : am I right? ;oD

Have fun looking at the colourful pictures......!!!!!.......

a green trunk/vase

she loves yellow....I suppose!

this was used for the branches

cotton thread used to join the pompoms

a shooting star!

Please note : star pattern here
                     curlicue pattern here

xxxx Alessandra

Today link parties : Link your Stuff !  and Craft Schooling Sunday !


  1. Wow, very nice! Fresh X-mas-colors! :-)

  2. It looks so soft and fluffy the colours and of course the star on the top....too cute...C Xx

  3. Never too early for Christmas, but if you turn it upside dwn, it could be a colorful bunch of grapes. :) i'd love to touch it!

  4. Oh I love it!
    Early. ?. Never to early for a good idea:-)

  5. Fun! I'm going to be playing with pom poms for a project soon too!
    Kate :}

  6. i have to do that tree- so!cute!, ale♥♥♥♥♥
    xxo, martina

  7. So cute and fluffy!! Love those colours too...
    It's gonna be a bright Christmas!
    Love, Mirjam.

  8. Great colours!!!

    Greetings from Ellebel

  9. Aww. this is cute, well done!
    Your cat is such a cutie.

  10. Hi Ale,

    This is the MOST beautiful craft object I have seen this week.

    I am so happy you shared it with us.

    I Always want to steal your ideas. You are so clever!

  11. completely and totally adorable!!

  12. Hey that's funny!! Super colors, I really like it, and it's very creative :-)). I have to admit I'm in Christmas mood already, too!! I have already bought some presents and am planning some handmade ones ;-). Maybe the season will become very stressless this year when we're already working on it now? :0)

  13. I like your pom-pom tree and love the colours.

  14. I love it.
    Thats so so sweet.

    hugs Conny

  15. Gorgeous colours and a lovely project! Love all the photos, Ale!
    Helen x

  16. That's adorable -- I'd love to make this sweet project with my kids... Thanks for sharing!

  17. adorable, now could you figure out for me how to make a hanukkah menorah? hmmm, maybe a six pointed star could work though! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  18. I just found your blog ~ I LOVE your creativity!!!!!! =) Your color choices and items are sooo fun!!! Thank you for sharing all of your fun items with us! Could I ask you a question? I am wondering what kind of yarn you use? It is so bright and beautiful! =) Kepp it up!!! ((((hugs!)))

  19. @ The MadStamper : Thank you for all your lovely comments!!!!! It has been a pleasure to have you here visiting my blog!!! ;oD
    The yarn I use for my colourful projects is a thick acrylic from Indonesia, where I'm living right now !!!!
    Thank you, xxxxx ale


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