Monday, 28 October 2013

Beauty is where you find it #82 : RED !!!!

The following pictures were taken a little while ago, in September....
....We were (I and Matteo!!!) waiting for the right moment to show them off!!!!

....this red "morphsuite" was bought in Stockholm (here, here, and here !!!) last Summer!
Since then, everywhere we went, Matteo has shown this suite to everyone as he is very proud of it "You know? You can easily drink through it!!!!".....he is still  just a 14 (and 1/2!) years old boy!! ;oD

He is really a red lover : even the hat and the iPod match with the suite!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today I join Nic at her weekly photo challenge beauty is where you find it !! Join the fun!!!! Thank you!!!


  1. I bet he has a whole routine to go along with that!

  2. :) nice. For sure he enjoys a lot. Can he see through it?

  3. I'm a big red fan as well! Hooray for red!!
    Kate :}

  4. To be honest:

    this looks a bit creepy.

    But well done anyway. When/why is he going to wear it? Sure will be the guest of honor


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