Monday, 19 August 2013

Stockholm : the first day!!!

....Yesterday afternoon we landed in JK!
Italy is still in our hearts, but so far far away again!
I'm a little bit jet lagged and tired, but luckily I've edited my pictures of Stockholm during our last days at home!
We spent a week in the Swedish capital and honestly both me and Paolo wanted to buy a house over there.....such a beautiful the Summer at least!
I'm giving you a first glance at our week in Stockholm and I really hope you will enjoy it!!! the meantime I'm trying to rest and recharge my batteries, so that asap I'll post with the same rhythm as I'm used to! 

PUB, one of the major department stores in Stockholm (opened in 1882)

Vasamuseet : the warship Vasa (1628) is 95 per cent intact!

Grona Lund : amusement park

Aquaria Water Museum

the world's first open-air museum, with 150 old houses and farms, plus Nordic and exotic animals

Royal Swedish Opera

xxxx Alessandra


  1. i l♥♥♥ve the pink pompom. cool idea.
    can´t wait to see more great pics...
    xxo, martina♥

  2. Such a wonderful city :)

    I could live anywhere in Scandinavia I think ... I even don't mind their winters.

  3. Oops, I hit publish too soon .. I was also going to say, what fabulous pictures :)

  4. Fantastic the fish! :) x

  5. A lovely place, Ale!
    I hope you enjoy!!!!!

  6. So beautiful place. I would like to visit Sweden one day :)
    Wish you a happy week!

  7. You do so much fantastic traveling! One of these days I need to see Europe. :)

  8. These are great! You always make me want to travel! I love that owl; it looks like an old man to me!
    Kate :}


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