Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy and proud of myself!!!!

HAPPY because I can continue (after a long summer break!) to crochet my colourful blanket ....

...if you are new around here, maybe you'll be interested to know more about this blanket (herehereherehere and here !) and the pattern I'm following !!!! Be curious and have fun!!!!

PROUD because of a silly thing!!!
Yesterday I was browsing (not only yesterday, anyway!!!!) on Pinterest and I decided to find a nice pattern to crochet a shawl and BAM! I found it!!! Look HERE !!!!

I love everything about it : the simplicity, the colours, the tassels, the size of the solid triangles, the pattern....oh well, the pattern is written in Danish....!!!!!!
This fact didn't stop me!!! This morning, infact, I went on internet and on Google I tried to find the translation for Danish crochet terms....but I did not have such luck in finding something useful!
So, I went back to the original pattern and with the help of some zooming in the pictures and keeping the numbers written in the pattern as a kind of guidance I ......DID IT !!!!!!!

This is the crocheted proof :

I've used a 5,5mm hook and my Indonesian acrylic yarn (always good for testing!) and the sides of the triangle measures about 29cm, while from the base to the vertex the size is 25cm !, I'm pretty ready for starting my shawl now (right now?)....
I have the yarn and all that I need....

....NOTHING (and NO ONE!!!) can stop me !!!!! YEAH!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Your blanket is coming along beautifully!! I always love the colors you use!! xo Heather

  2. Go Ale, the pattern is gorgeous, look forward to seeing your progess on it. Your blanket is coming along beautifully as well, so bright and cheery.
    Maybe next time you could copy and paste the instructions and put them into Google translate......but then again you might come out with something completely different, hehe......

    Claire XX

  3. Hahahaha brilliant! I'm always turned off if I find a pattern and its written in another language but you did good, can't wait to see the finished result. Your blanket is getting better and better....very lovely indeed :o)

  4. Your blanket is coming along beautifully!

    Can't wait to see your new shawl!:)

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  7. Keep up the good work with your blanket. And succes with the shawl an d the translation of the pattern.

  8. You are doing a very good job!!

  9. Great blanket Ale!!! The triangle is beautiful, nice simple and stylish:)

  10. I love the blanket, and you are right that shawl is awesome!!

  11. Blanket is fantastic!!!
    Great idea for shawl!

  12. Hi Ale. I think you've chosen the perfect shawl for yourself. It looks pretty. :)

  13. Hi there! Your blanket is coming along so lovely! Love the bright pretty colors! Happy week! xo Holly

  14. I follow your blog and love it! You do such great, colorful crochet.

    But, I wonder if you have ever tried this technique to hide your beginning stitch in each round.
    This is not my blog but just a helpful way to hide that chain at the beginning of the rows or rounds.

    Keep up the great work, I love following your blog

  15. Best wishes for your blanket !! Your shawl will turn out very pretty!!

  16. Hi Allessandra, your blanket is getting prettier by every post :-) I'm still working on mine also and still loving it! All the coulours, really nice.
    I love the scarf too! What a great idea to make it that way.
    Good luck with it, I hope to see the result soon!

  17. well done Ale, it's a gorgeous shawl, very inspiring! Heather x

  18. Aha!
    Here it comes again.
    The blanket that looks so gorgeous and that I was going to make (inspired by you).

    All I can do is sigh and wish I had more time.

    It really is one of the nicest blankets I have ever seen (honestly)

    Your shawl will also be gorgeous, I can tell you that already.

    Wish I had your skills.

  19. Go Ale Go! Love your triangle cushions! :) x

  20. The blanket is looking fabulous!! So many happy colors! Can't wait to see your shawl!!
    Kate :}

  21. The blankie is growing again nicely ;)

  22. Good for you, hooking in Danish :-D I just survived a Japanese diagram !
    The Sirdar is beautiful, I've just touched and desired...the colour will look lovely.


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