Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Growing a little bit everyday!!!!

.....so wonderful to see how the blanket changes row after row....

....and I'm so scared to ruin everything with the wrong colour....
....just unravel and do it differently!!!!
I'm really enjoying the process....!!!!!
If you are new here (welcome!) you can read this post to discover the beginnings of this crocheting adventure and this one to know a little bit more about the pattern I'm following!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today a new LINK !!! please, come with me!!!! thank you!


  1. Hello Alexandra,

    wat a very very lovely protject.
    I like your planket very match. Have fun with crochet!!!!!

    Greatins send you Conny

  2. Oooooo looking good!!
    Kate :}

  3. i looooove it, when it´s growing in your house... ;o)))
    xo, martina♥

  4. yummy looks like a packet of colourful sweets! Heather x

  5. This is looking so fabulous! I am still testing my patience with blankets. I have made 2 baby blankies and another one is on my hook. But a bigger is still miles away from my mind. :)

  6. Choosing the right colors makes me nervous too, but you're doing great! I love this cheery blanket! :)

  7. Very nice! Holy moly I think you also craft in your sleep LOL. No one can produce at the rate you do. Cheers!

  8. First blanket! Yay, it very exciting! The colors and the pattern looks so pretty :)

  9. Hi Alessandra
    I love your blanket, it is so beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial! What do you do with all the gazillion ends, do you weave them in or do you have another idea? Do you make a border for your blanket in the end?

  10. Hello Allessandra,

    What a beautiful blanket!

    X, evita

  11. Wow, the colors in this blanket are just gorgeous! Are you going to sew in all the ends or leave them loose? Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!


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