Monday, 27 May 2013

A new inspiring book!

mmmmm.......something new on the hook....

....yes, I got a new japanese crochet book and the picture on the front cover made me say : I just need this one!!!! So....

....the real purpose of the author is to recycle old tees and shirts into lovely crochet ideas, but I decided that the patterns included were good even for usual yarn....I need to de-stash a little bit and some blues were ready for this aim...and I started this little project last Saturday evening and... was fun to play with the colours, starting from the darkest one...

....and not being strict when changing to a new colour. When one was finished I just started with a different one at any point of my work, even in the middle of a row...

I love the texture given by the stitches and I enjoyed taking some pictures into the light...

After completing the base and the cylinder, I started to crochet the triangles to attach the handles ... have a better idea of the gradual variations of the colours...

....and here they come : the handles...

...the pattern was completed on Sunday morning! Easy peasy project!!
...Did I say "completed"???? Ehm, no....
I thought that acrylic yarn is not nice to keep in your hands when you live in a hot country like Indonesia, you know, sweating is sometimes a little bit annoying, so I added just something...

....some simple colourful fabric covers for the handles!!!! I think they are much more comfortable in this way, no? ;oD

If you compare the product shown on the book cover with mine... can really notice how different they are and I like it : personalise a project is a must for me and it makes me happy!!!
I really love this quick craft and I honestly think that in the future there will be some more little bags, each with its own personality...

.....different colours and different embellishments!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

today link : Creative Friday !!!! See you there!!! ;oD


  1. You are so clever - love the bag xxx

  2. Ypur bag is so cool, Ale!

  3. great job and a really cute idea to put some textile on!
    xo, martina♥

  4. Oh Alessandra,

    This is so crafty done. Once more you inspire me.

    I think it's a very good idea to make them in all colours and shapes so in the end you'll be able to gather a "bag's family: two bigs ones and a lot of little ones" each with their own character.

    Some time ago I saw a similar bag in a magazine, it was indeed made of recycled materials. It consisted out of all kind of plastic (cut out of plastic bags) crocheted together.
    That would be nice.

  5. Love your bag Alexandra ♥ Japanese patterns are usually so inspiring, right up my street! And just like you I would not be happy until I'd added a couple of tweaks of me into the design. Fabulous work: -)
    Best wishes
    Karen xx

  6. Sorry, predictive text changed your name... One day I'll learn to turn it off!
    K xx

  7. Really beautiful. I like the bag very much. Love from Holland, Tinie

  8. Love your bag, the handles are great:)

  9. Love it Ale, gorgeous blues and love the red fabric for the handles.
    Looks like a fun project and I'm sure you'll be whipping up more in no time.

    Claire X

  10. Ciao Ale !I colori del mare,proprio i miei preferiti!Ti è venuta benissimo e il punto usato è molto particolare.
    A presto

  11. I love your bag Ale, you are just so speedy quick aren't you! :) x

  12. very sweet, could be used for so many things! Heather x

  13. That's great, and that book looks amazing!! You planning to make anything else from it anytime soon?
    Kate :}

  14. So pretty Ale!!! Love the colors and the sweet fabric strips you added!! Great Job!! xo Heather

  15. This is so pretty and practical, good work!

  16. Oh I like this very much! Like you, I can't help but personalize a pattern to my own liking. :)


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