Thursday, 23 May 2013

This is it !!!!

....The nice piece of fabric has its own identity, eventually!!!

When I left you last time, the thing was still like this...

...and I was thinking : what to do with that?
Then I remembered a nice pattern, written by Nata for last Christmas....I had to crochet some curlicues!!! So, I did!!
The difference with Nata's pattern is, mainly, that I only crocheted 8 chains for the loop and I attached it at the bottom of the circle (precisely, 9 circles!), closing the loop with a slip stitch...

...then, I followed the pattern word by word, till I had my first curlicue done... I started a second one...

...and I had two!!!!...

...and then a third one...

....and more....

...and more (!!!!)...

...a close up... happy to take these photos (tons : sorry for that!), but the sun outside was very kind with me.... only curlicues???? If you know me well, you even know that the answer to that question will be NO ! Having still a lot of yarn, I opted for some pompoms (27!), with the idea to put them on the other side of the thing...

...obviously, I had to trim them all (do you love the mini basket, made by me, btw???)...

Later, I went out in my back garden where I cut a thick bamboo branch, that I cleaned from the dirt and from extra bulges and leaves with the idea to use it like a rod...

...and after 27 quadruple knots (!!!!), I finally had my big rug panel....

...that is still waiting to be hung on the right wall....


Thank you to all the ones that have lefts ideas and good advices on how to use this nice piece of fabric, because they are all doable!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. It's so bright and pretty - very creative. :)

  2. Wow! Such Lovely colours! Really really creative, I love how you put it all together

  3. Wow wow wow that will look so cool on the wall...beautiful one of a kind piece!

  4. I love it! It looks like summer!

  5. i´m freakin´ out... soooo beautiful!!!
    xo, martina♥

  6. It looks very colourful and pretty !!:)

  7. Wow Ale, you have been busy, love your crochet piece of art! :) x

  8. Just knew you'd hang something from the bottom, now didn't I? But never would have guessed that brilliant addition of the pom poms, fabulous!

  9. A beautiful piece of art!!! So pretty! xo heather

  10. What beautiful vibrant colours! There is something about little penny medallions that are so attractive!
    That is going to look outstanding against a stark white wall or similar.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  11. it's wonderful, I love it! I was properly laughing here when you announced the pompoms too. Nobody does cheerful crochet like you do! and you know it does feel quite Indonesian! don't you think? Heather x

  12. I really love it!
    What a nice colours!

  13. So gorgeous! I love the colours and textures!
    Helen x

  14. This is such a brilliant idea! Its cute, very cute! And colorful! Simply adorable! And I love love love the mini basket. :)

  15. A true work of art. Lovely.

  16. That's beautiful! I can only imagine the amount of hours that it took. It would look lovely at the top of my stairs!

  17. So colorful! It makes me smile :D

  18. Its so so cheerful and pretty! Loved it, such fun project it looks like, awesome!

  19. Ohoh! It turned out really beautiful. It matches perfectly with an Indonesian home.

    I also love the picture with some one's knees under the rug. :) Quite surrealistic! The combination of the rug and the knees really is a work of art!

  20. I love it..I need something like this for a window I have..the roman shade refuses to stay up. This would be awesome!

  21. Ale, you're super!! Such creative ideas, I love your colorful panel!! ♥ And I'm happy that you could include the curlicues :-)). The pompons are too sweet as well!!

  22. Beautiful!A lovely color explosion and so sweet with those pompoms

  23. So terrifically wonderful! Ahhhh! The colors make me sing! Well done, Ale!
    Susan @ Felted Button

  24. I just love it! Such pretty colors. Great job

  25. Love the colors! Such a fun piece of fiber art for the wall!!
    Kate :}

  26. It's amazing and I just realized that it actually looks like it was influenced by some Malaysian(or chinese?) handiwork....isn't there some traditional craft that also has pom poms on it? Thanks for sharing on Craft schooling sunday!


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