Thursday, 2 May 2013

Beauty is where you find it #62 : Women's images !!!

It's a long time that I'm not participating in the photo challenge hosted by Nic....

I hope I'm back in a "good shape"!!! ;oD

I just want to show you some Indonesian women that I met during my street walkings here in Jk...

I don't have a lot of them...I'm too shy in taking pics of people.....

....So, yes, today I link my photos right here, at beauty is where you find it #62 : women's images !!!
See you there, too!!! Thank you!!!

xxxxx Alessandra


  1. Lovely pictures - the women are all happy and beautiful. (I do get a little nervous looking at the 1st picture though).

  2. What lovely photos - I am also shy of taking pictures of people in case I offend. You have done a good job. Lily. xxx

  3. These are fabulous, no matter where you go in the world women are always busy! :) x

  4. Taking portraits of strangers takes a lot of guts! I love the pictures of the moms with their kids. :)

  5. but these are a lot. and they are beautiful, ale!


  6. Gorgeous pictures, but I love the first one the most.

    Nina x

  7. For being shy about taking people's pictures, you did an amazing job! I love them! I'd be too shy to do that!! I really like the one of the woman holding the basket and bucket; I love all the colors, and it feels like it has a story...
    Kate :}

  8. Nice pictures !! and nice to know about Indonesian women:) I guess the wrap around skirt is their traditional dress, is it?

  9. beautiful! a really fun post. I love the one of the women with all their different colour head scarfs on. really nice. Heather x

  10. Wonderful pictures, I really like them soooo much! You couldn´t do better something for Nic´s project this week! There are soo many different ways to look at women...
    (my picture for Nic you can find here:

  11. Super, great impressions!! Thanks for sharing :-))


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