Monday, 22 December 2014

Lowveld National Botanical Garden, Nelspruit (South Africa)

Last Monday we jumped on the car and we went to South Africa in Nelspruit, where we stayed for 4 days.
We had some Christmas shopping over there, as there are a couple of lovely malls (forget this kind of things in Maputo) and where the things are affordable (forget even this in Maputo!) and where we enjoyed a couple of movies with our kids (the last Hobbit and the cartoon from Disney Big Hero 6)!!!

One morning, we decided to visit (a good stroll in the open air was needed!) the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, where we had a lovely walk immersed in the greenery of the African Rainforest and where the silence was interrupted by the roaring of the falls ….

I took the following pictures with my smartphone, as my camera was forgotten in the closet of our hotel room….ooooppppsss…….. !!!!!


…some plastic bottles, but ..

do you see a horse's head, too?

the Balloon Milkweed

the Strangler Fig Tree

Fig Tree

…. Those faces !!!!!

It was not a sunny day and we were not able to see any hippos, but you know what?? It was a very good day spent together with my 3 men, big, medium and little!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


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