Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Make it !!! Cloud + snowflake

I followed this pattern (in French+chart), adding two scallops at the base for my cloud ….

( more clouds from the same pattern : here )

…. then I followed this other pattern to crochet a snowflake ….

…. and with the help of just a bit of white cotton thread, I made this ….

…. a little decoration to refresh my memories of snow !!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Monday, 15 September 2014

While crocheting a motif ….

…. do you observe, stitch after stitch, the full potential of a crochet motif ?
It's a kind of game for me and it makes a repetitive motif ( for example, when you crochet a blanket ) less boring, even because I learn a lot along the way ….

Few days ago, I started to crochet the free GRANNY's GARDEN HEXAGON by Cherie and once memorised the pattern, I had the time to spy with my little eye…..

…. a little eye (from ancient Egypt?) ….

…. a circle (O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y! …. I know ….)

…. a jug ….

…. a more exotic amphora ….

…. a house ….

…. a face with long hair ….

…. a mini hexagon …. (waiting for it, sooner or later !!!!!) ….

…. a bigger amphora (and just before, a bigger jug!) ….

…. another home ….

…. and bigger and bigger hexagons ….

… or a flower… or a pinwheel…..

…. a gift wrap ? ….

…. or maybe the blades of a windmill ? ….

…. but after a while, the motif becomes clearer and clearer….

…. and you reach the end of the pattern, so that you can join your last motif to the previous ones ….

…. you can repeat this game again, but once is enough…. I think !!!!
…. enough to fix an idea (bunting? appliqué'? ) that could be nice for your next project !!!! ;oD

I know that sometimes I complain about the waiting for my yarn stash from Indonesia, but you know what???
After a long research on Internet and some helpful google translate ( unbelievable, but true!), I found a couple of "retrosarias" here in Maputo !!!! What is a retrosaria (you may ask)? Well, in Portoguese retrosaria means haberdashery…. so I was able to find some YARNS !!!!!!!! YES !!!!!

Ok, they are not the best quality of acrylics, but this is not the point now!
The important thing is to know that there are places where you can buy what (=yarns and notions) you need for both crochet and knitting !!!!
I was so happy when I entered these shops !!!! There where a lot of crafty ladies in and I didn't feel alone in my craving for yarn!!!
I went even in a very popular market to look for some yarn …. such an experience !!! That morning my driver came down from the car and accompanied me in that search, because of my complete ignorance of Portoguese and because he was worried about some thieves in the street…. I had to follow him very close and I had to keep my bag well adherent to my body!!! I was not afraid at all and I had a lot of fun passing through the people and all the stuff of the market, that was really colourful!!! The pity was I couldn't even collect out my phone to take some pics ….. !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Make it !!! Halloween star with granny diamonds !

….. I miss my crochet books a lot (especially the Japanese ones !), but I have to be patient and wait for our container from Indonesia, which is supposed to arrive on the 9th of October….
I was thinking about granny diamonds ( the same I used for these projects ) and their pattern was found on one of my crochet motifs' book…. Not having this book at the moment, I decided to have a look on Pinterest, where I found this pattern (written in Dutch) : here by Catherine.

My starting idea was to translate this pattern in English for you, so I left a couple of comments in the comment box for Catherine, but she didn't reply to me. If you have any struggle with Dutch crochet terms, I suggest you to have a look at this translation from US crochet stitches ( what I usually follow) into Dutch terms and abbreviations !!! If you scroll down that page, you can even find the correspondent  English crochet terminology !!!

Following the pattern, I crocheted my first granny diamond with a 4mm hook and using 2 strands (orange and dark grey) of 4 ply acrylics ….

As I don't change the yarn colour at the end of each round, "my pattern" is slightly different from the original one…. In fact, when I finish a round (completed after a slip stitch), I crochet 2 more slip stitches in the top of the second and third stitch of the shell, so that I reach the chain-1 space, where I crochet one more slip stitch and where I chain 2 or 3 as requested by the pattern!

Once finished the first diamond, I started a second one ….

…. and while crocheting the 4th round of this second diamond, I joined it with the first one using the join as you go method…

Then, I had 3 diamonds ….

…. and last night I did my first Halloween Star (!!!!), named in this way because of the chosen colours …

Before going to bed, I pinned my star ( 24 cm wide ) on a mattress and blocked it with the help of some iron steam !
This morning I added a decorative border, made of picots and single crochets ….

The picots at the top of the star points and in the joining points of 2 diamonds are made of 5 chains, while the picots in the chain-1 spaces are made of 3 chains !

Another use for the granny diamonds ( just 3 this time ) :

I joined the 3 pieces together with some single crochets, then I added a tassel (here, but not chunky!) and a chain in contrasting colour, helpful to hang your decoration anywhere!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today links : Link your Stuff ! , Busy Fingers showing off #59 and Craft Schooling Sunday !!!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I've just received …..

….. a nice email from an Italian girl ( ciao Monica!) who wanted to show me her work …

…. colourful, full of pom poms and with a yarn doll at the end !!!!! The way I like it !!!!
Monica followed my vertical garland tutorial , the embellish granny square tutorial and the yarn dolls tutorial !!!! It seems that the tutorials worked very well : GRAZIE MONICA !!!!!

Do you want to try my tutorials, too ???? ;oD
Have a look here and …… HAVE FUN !!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dia da Vito'ria

Yesterday there was no school or office because of Mozambique Victory Day, so we all agreed to have a full day at the beach, but a different one : we went to Macaneta Beach (herehere and here) !!!

Just few pictures, because I was enjoying my 50 SPF while laying on the sandy beach ….. ;oD

xxxxx Alessandra


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