Thursday, 21 August 2014

Museu Nacional de Geologia de Maputo (MNG)

On Tuesday, I had another cultural visit!

This museum is open daily ( except Mondays), with different opening hours and its building was intended to accommodate a synagogue when edificated.
The MNG presents two sections, geological and industrial.
The geological section has different collections : mineralogy (precious stones), stratigraphy (rocks divided in formations and relative geological eras) and minerals of economical interest.
In the first room, you have some informations about the history of our Earth and a little collection of fossils from Mozambique, while in the second room you find maps about the geology of this country.
In the third room ( divided into 5 sections), you can see the macro & micro characteristics of some rocks; crystallography with some didactic models; identification properties of minerals and a dark window where are put some minerals with natural radioactivity, that you can observe when you with on an ultraviolet lamp!
In the fourth room, instead, there is a collection of minerals from Mozambique and in the fifth one you find rocks and minerals that have some interest in the industrial sector.
(more informations in this article, in portoguese : here)

After paying the ticket, even here, I was allowed to take some pictures…. Enjoy the visit!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Again on the beach….

….. but this time the tide was not low, just a little bit and Tobia had " to fight" with some footballers to keep "his land" for some sand "castle-ing"…. He didn't win and he was upset….. You know kids, right? ;oD
Some pictures were taken…..

xxxx Alessandra

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Museu de Historia Natural de Maputo

On Friday morning, I paid a visit to the local Natural History Museum of Maputo, who was founded in 1911 as a Provincial Museum , while from 1933 became the Museu de Historia Natural we still visit today.
For the opening hours and the tickets price you can visit their Facebook page. There is even a website, but still under construction. If you are interested to read about the celebrations of the 100 years of the museum, you can "read" ( in portoguese ) this article and for more pictures you may have a look at this post. You can notice some differences, just making comparisons with some of my pics!!!! ;oD

It's a very nice building (outside and inside) and the collection is displayed on two floors (ground floor and first floor).
The collection consists of a considerable amount of stuffed animals ( so that you can have an idea of the local fauna ), insects, reptiles, fish and an impressive elephant embryo display ( from the first month to the 22nd month, that is the end of the pregnancy!). Even though t needs some improvements ( dusty stuffed animals and some are loosing their stuffing, too!), especially in the description of the animals, that very often have only their name tags.
Apart from that, I really enjoyed the visit ( it takes almost one hour to have a proper look around), especially the ethnographic gallery and the shell collection, so pretty and old fashioned. Outside the museum, there is a lovely garden with a (fake) dinosaurs display and some gorgeous murales by Malagantana.

Well, now it's your turn to have fun!!!

dugong skeleton

dolphin skeleton

…. now take a rest, grab a cuppa and think twice before going on as there are still a lot of pics……
It's up to you, but remember : I warned you!!!!! ;oD

….when I payed for the entrance ticket, the guy at the entrance told me : " Please do not touch anything, but you can take photos "…. you know what happened then, right? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


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