Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Doily-Along !!!

…. Last Thursday, KATE gave a Doily-Along Announcement ….

…. mmmm …. what to do ??? I was just stating to unpack all my boxes …. where is the yarn ? …. where are all my hooks ? …. and other thoughts like that …. especially this one : are you nuts ? ….
…. well, I've never been in a CAL before and Kate is a dear bloggy friend, so I decided to enter in !!!!

No 1,65 mm hook for me, no thread …. I prefer to use my 100% acrylic yarn 8 ply ( MODA Vera by Marvel) in bright colours …. with a 3,5mm hook …. even if the yarn calls for a 4mm hook …. how brave am I ??? ;oD

So this morning, just after reading the Doily-Along Part 1 posted by Kate, I started to crochet my first motif …

Honestly, I'm not a great fan of doilies ( even mandalas, but I crocheted one for Yarndale anyway !!!!), but I like new challenges and I'm always eager to learn something new in crochet …. and when the right colours combo is at your hands, why not ?

So, it was easy to complete the first 3 rounds ….

…. the 4th round ….

…. and the 5th round, that is the last round of the motif chosen by Kate ….

So, I confronted my work with the one made by Kate ….

…. and I have to admit that it was fun !!!!

Do you wanna join, too ??? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Thursday, 16 October 2014

No worries if ….

….. You will not hear from me for some days …..

…. because yesterday afternoon, a truck just brought us our "CAPITAL" (aka our stuff from Indonesia!) ….

…. I don't know what to scream : YEAH !!!!!! or AAARGHHHHH !!!!! …… ?????…… ;oD

….so now I'm unpacking some boxes ….. HOME SWEET HOME, very soon …. I hope !!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A sling bag !!!

During my short summer "holiday" in Italy, I kept  both my mind and hands busy while crocheting some net bags (here) ….
Few days after our arrival in Maputo, I started to crochet one more bag, because I needed a small sling bag to wear during my morning walks and big enough to bring in my mobile phone, the keys of the apartment and a packet of paper tissues ….. I was still waiting for our container from Indonesia, where some useful bags have been packed in ….

I completed the bag this morning and the container will arrive tomorrow afternoon …. ;oD !!!!!

I used a 4mm hook to crochet two granny squares ( made of 15 rounds each,  joined with the "join as you go method"), working with two strands of cotton (baker's twine effect) : the first square made is white and navy blue, while the second square is white and lime green.
The pattern for the granny square was found HERE ! (they are grannies with slightly slanted sides !)

After joining the two parts together, I didn't how to finish the bag !!!! I was sure I didn't want any lining, because I liked the "hole effect" given by the chain-1 spaces, but : how to complete the border ? and moreover : which kind of sling ???? I often don't like crocheted handles or slings. In fact, I tolerate (a strong word, I know) crocheted handles only in net bags …. What to do then ????

For the edging of the bag, I decided to keep it very simple :
first row : a full row of single crochets
second row : every 3 single crochets,  I made a small picot of 3 chains ….
…. even this time : 4mm hook + 2 strands of cotton worked together (red/hot pink)

Browsing on Pinterest, I found a pattern/tutorial (written in Italian!) for the handles, that made me think ….. Maybe THAT is good for my bag …. Uplifted, I started to crochet a colourful sling ….

When completed this task, I was trying to have an idea how the bag could look like with this braided sling …. just before the sewing part ….

…. so, this morning, I sewed ( I dread that moment all the times!) the sling on the bag …

…. not yet convinced about the sling ( even though I had a lot of fun in crocheting it and while making the braid!!!), but at the end I have something useful to bring around with me !!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last Friday, in school : International Day !

It was a busy happy day !!!
Full of colour, people of all ages, music, noise and laughter ….. and a lot of good food !!!!

Join the parade with me …..

….. I was helping at the European stall, helping the kids to have some food …. yummy !!!!

xxxx Alessandra


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