Friday, 31 January 2014

My pot holders set is done !!!

I've looked at the yarn left …

… and I thought that it was enough to complete my set of pot holders !!!!
I was right in thinking that, in fact…

… the "flower" was ready in few minutes (the orange part was crocheted at the beginning of January!) and the base for the last pot holder was done after that ….

I have a very personalised set of pot holders that remind the suits of a deck of cards …

…. and , eventually, they are all hanging in my kitchen ….

…. but I'm not yet sure where to leave them ….


By the way, this is all the cotton left ….

…. Not bad, eh ? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

If you are curious to know more about my four pot holders, you are more than welcome to visit hereherehere and here !!! Thank you !!!

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Make it ! Crochet bandana !!!

Last week, while browsing my stats in my Dashboard, I've noticed that some people liked to read my "old" post Make it ! Variations of a crochet pattern !!!, where I took inspiration from the Granny Triangle Pattern (chart included!) by BrittanyJJackson (thank you again, my dear!)….

….So I started to think about doing something nice to share with you, just reading one of the variations I made then!
If you'd love to follow the colourful triangle (scroll down that all post of mine!!!) modification, too, we could crochet a colourful bandana together!!!


  • cotton yarns : I've chosen 5 colours, that I found in my baskets : dark grey from Katia Degrade' "Sun"(100% Egyptian cotton); aqua from an Italian brand Sesia, Windsurf (100% cotton), colour 288 lot 3099; turquoise from Katia New Orleans (50% cotton, 50% acrylic); darker blue….. I don't remember, but it's from Italy, too; lime green from Bi Elle Filati  il Mako 5 (100% cotton).
  • 3,5mm hook
  • a pair of scissors
  • yarn needle
  • tape  measure or ruler
  • little decorative button
  • thread & needle to sew the button on the bandana
  • some beads (optional) and clear glue
Please note that I follow the US crochet terminology in my work.


I follow the chart/pattern found here, with my own variations (see the colourful triangle).

Make a slip knot on your hook and chain a multiple of 4+3, because we'll crochet trebles (tr).
I wanted a foundation chain long 60cm, so I chained 147 stitches (144+3), because this is what I reached with my tension. Maybe you'll need a different number of chains, but honestly this is not so important!!!! Just remember to apply the "4+3 formula" !!!

Row 1 : after obtaining the right number of chains, make your first treble (tr) in the 5th chain from the hook and other 2 trs in the following two chains

skip 1 chain and crochet 3 trs in next 3 chains; repeat this scheme to the end of the foundation chain

first 6 shells

after 13 shells

first row done!!!

At the end of your first row, you'll be able to count 36 shells made of 3 trs each.
Cut yarn and fasten off.

Row 2 : choose a new colour. Make a slip knot on the hook and insert it in (you are working in the front of your work : remember this for all the next rows, too) the space between the first and the second shells of the previous row. Crochet one single crochet (SC) and chain 3. In the same space make 2 trs. Your first shell is done

Crochet 3 trs shells in each space between the first row shells…

… until you reach the end of the row

Cut yarn and fasten off. 
At the end of this of row you'll have 35 shells done, so one less than the previous row.
Each following row will end with one less shell than the previous one! Remember that!

Row 3 to row 35 : follow the pattern described in row 2.  Row 35 will have 2 shells only ! Nice!
Remember to start with a new colour each row. I've chosen 5 colours : you can choose more or less or just one (in this last case, go back to my post  and read after I "say" : "Wanna have a look? Here we go ….")!!! It's up to you and to your personal taste! If you like, crochet a bandana with wool or acrylic!

Going on with the crocheting, little by little, you'll notice that your work will show the form of a trapezium

3rd row 

beginning 11th row

11th row done !!!

16th row done !!!

20th row done !!!

25th row done !!!

While crocheting, apart from my hook, I have a trusty companion

and I love to notice the details of the growing piece of fabric


row 30 done !!!

row 35 done !!!

detail of row 35

Row 36 : with the chosen colour, make a slip knot on the hook and slide it in the space of the last two shells of the last but one row and make a single crochet . Chain 3 and crochet a 5tr puff stitch! In this way your bandana will have a pointy end!
Cut the yarn (leaving a tail in which you'll thread some beads, if you like, as an embellishment; complete with a double knot and a dab of clear glue) and fasten off !!!

Trim in the ends

and sew a nice button on the top back of your new bandana

and wear it !!!!!!! ;oD

Please note that before completing your bandana, you can enjoy your work in progress just taking funny pics, as…

Any problem/question about the pattern? Don't hesitate a second to contact me !!!! Thank you!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Friday, 24 January 2014

3/4 of my potholders deck is done!!!!!

… this morning I found the right moment (after a nice chit chat + coffee with a friend of mine!!!!) to complete my third potholder….

I have 3 potholders : diamonds, hearts and spades are done….

…. they just need some blocking and after that they will hang happily in my kitchen, but….

…. I have a little problem now to complete the clubs potholder, because ….

…. I don't have enough of this cotton…. GRRRRRRR and GRRRRRRRR !!!!!

I bought this yarn a couple of years ago in Italy in a weekly market in Milano…..


I have to find a solution!!!!! I need to dig properly in my yarn stash hoping to find something similar to the original one and after that take a decision for my last potholder!!!!

Wish me luck!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra (Happy Weekend)

Today Link : Creative Friday !!! See you there, too!!! xxxx

You can find previous links to my potholders history in this post!!!


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