Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What a way to end 2013 and to start 2014 !!!!!

…..It has been a long absence from my blog….
Sorry for that and Happy New Year to all of you my dears!!!

The fact is that our week to spend in Bali, instead was spent in hospital in Singapore !!!!

This is the photographic proof :

….both Matteo and Tobia had dengue fever…. I tell you : not nice stuff at all!!!!

We left Jakarta on the morning of the 26th of December to reach Bali, where we were supposed to have a relaxing week ….
On Saturday Matteo started to have high temperature… a doctor was called and she declared that the fever was due to a sore throat….funny, because Matteo was not complaining about his throat….
A list of medicines was given and we started to treat Matteo…
On Sunday it seemed that the doctor was right, because Matteo was feeling better, but during the night between Sunday and Monday the temperature went high again….
On Monday morning, Matteo and I took a taxi to reach the capital, that is 1hour and 1/2 distant from the resort we were checked in…. Matteo was very weak and I was worried ( a lot!)…. I was hoping to reach the SOS Clinic in Denpasar without any traffic jam during our journey….
We reached the clinic with no problem and Matteo had a blood test : after one hour we knew that it was dengue…
Matteo was put in a little room, with a drip-feed : he needed to be hydrated and to be stabilised, before taking the plane to reach Singapore!!!

In the meantime, Paolo and Tobia checked out from the resort and joined us in the afternoon. I prepared a luggage with the things we needed and around 8pm, Matteo, I and a doctor (on an ambulance) went to airport to take the plane leaving for Singapore. Paolo and Tobia remained in Bali….
We reached Singapore after 2 hours flight. Luckily Matteo was sleeping all the time.
At the airport, 3 people and an ambulance were waiting for us. After 2am, Matteo was in the hospital bed and I was laying at his side on a sofa bed.

In the morning (31st of December) my husband called me, saying "Guess what? I'm at SOS Clinic with Tobia : high temperature…." After one hour it was clear : even Tobia had dengue fever….sigh…

The same evening, even my husband and Tobia were in Singapore…The morning after, Tobia was hospitalised and put in the same room with his brother…

There is no prevention or cure for dengue. Once you get it, you can be cured with panadol (temperature and pain), folic acid, some pills to calm the itchiness and drip-feeds. You have to drink a lot of water (at least 3  litres a day) and eat (not easy this part) to strength your body…

As parents we were allowed to stay with our kids from 8am to 8am, but only one was allowed as lodger for the nights, so we took turns.

Dengue fever develops with ups and downs : quiet moments alternate with bad ones and these are the worst, because you cannot do anything to help your kid to feel better…..terrible….

Luckily, Matteo and Tobia didn't need blood transfusions (this means that they didn't have any internal bleeding), so after a week they left the hospital….YAY !!!!!!!!!

We came back to Jakarta yesterday afternoon. The boys are better, but still need two weeks to have a full recover. They can go back to school, but sport activities are denied for the following 15 days.

We are back home, all together. The doctor said that 95% recover well, but 5% can have severe problems caused by dengue fever (in case of internal bleeding)…. For a while I was scared my boys could be part of this 5%…. Matteo told the doctor : with us the percentage will be reduced to the 4%!
I really appreciated his positive attitude!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Dat was geen leuke start Allessandra! Ik wens jullie jongens een spoedig herstel en voor de ganse familie een gezond(er) 2014!

  2. @ Onlie Mie : Thank you my dear, love xxxx Ale

  3. Oh my goodness Ale, what a lot of worries to deal with in your holidays.... I'm so sorry for you.
    I hope the boys will fully recover; it's terrible when your child is ill, isn't it...
    Wishing you all the best for the new year though,
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  4. So sorry to hear about your boys being sick! Both of ours had the Mexican fever over Christmas and New Year (and we joined them, as well), so I can understand (even if it's only a little bit) of what you've been through. Isn't it great to see that they are recovering? Hope all will get back to normal soon!! Baci M

  5. @ Stins : Hi Mirjam! Luckily the worst part is ended!!!
    Thank you for your kind wishes, xxxxx Ale

  6. @ m : you are right !!! It's a big relief how young guys can quickly recover!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. I am really happy that your boys are ok now! Wishing you and your family all the best!

  8. That's bad blog news, I hope your boys will recover soon.
    Big hug from Holland.

  9. gosh Ale, I'm glad the boys are better now. What a drama for you all! Glad they had the hospital treatment. I think i told you i had dengue fever in Thailand, 20 years ago. The locals tried to play it down telling us we had colds! We had to lie in a beach hut for a week with just a fan,and no medicine! I remember trying to eat some porridge they gave me after to build up strength again. Awful. it was right at the end of a 6 months of travelling. Fortunately I was going home quite soon after. I didn't realize how dangerous it could have been! I wish you all good things for 2014! and a speedy recovery, Heather x

  10. @ Chris in de hack : my boys are doing great, little by little!!!!! xxxxx Ale

  11. Dear Ale, I'm really shocked to read your post about the boys. I hope they are feeling better at the moment and that they will be full recovered soon. I know what it feels like when your child is ill. So I sent you all my love and hugs. I am thinking of you. You are in my thoughts. Love Tinie

  12. Cavoli Ale !Mi spiace un sacco per tutti voi , per i tuoi ragazzi e per voi genitori che vi siete spaventati tanto !Per fortuna l'assistenza è stata ottima e ora sei più tranquilla . Un forte abbraccio

  13. Oh my goodness Ale ... what a terrible worry for you and your family. I am glad to hear you are safely back home and hope that your boys will be fully recovered very soon. My very best wishes to you for every happiness in 2014 ... M x

  14. What a story!! Glad to read they are feeling better and I keep my fingers crossed that Matteo and Tobia will get better 100%! Big hug for you and your husband!

  15. Oh, that was so terrible thing to happen. Good that they have recovered now and soon they will be 100% fit. Take care of them and yourself too.

  16. So scary to hear about your boys with Dengue fever. I thought that was one of the things I received a vaccination against when I traveled to Africa. Strangely enough, two of the men that my husband works with in the USA returned to their homeland of India for the holidays (very different parts of India) and both were hospitalized with Dengue Fever and had to stay in the country longer and haven't yet returned to work. I am so glad to hear that your boys fared well - the photos will be a good memory of their survival thru the episode. Happy to hear you are back safely and well at home and sorry to know you missed your vacay in Bali.

  17. Oh my Dear Ale, how scary for you and your family! I'm so glad everything is ok now...gosh what a way to end the year! I am however glad you've had some good news for 2014, those butterflies are fab....take care of you and yours and here's wishing you a happy healthy 2014! :) xxx

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  19. Oh mamma che avventura...Meno male che tutto sembra essersi risolto per il meglio...Ancora un po' di pazienza!Beh,che dire...ti auguro un 2014 sereno e tranquillo!Benritrovata,Cara Ale!

  20. Oh my goodness Ale - I'm sorry your boys were sick, but I'm glad to hear that they are feeling better now. Take care. :)

  21. Cara Alessandra,mi dispiace tanto per ciò che avete passato e,allo stesso tempo sono contenta che i tuoi figli si siano ripresi.
    Auguro loro una completa guarigione e a tutti voi di ristabilirvi dopo questo terribile spavento.
    Con affetto
    Maria Luisa

  22. Sorry your two lovely sons were so ill, hope recovery is swift for them.

  23. Mi dispiace molto per quello che vi e' successo e per lo spavento che avete vissuto.
    Spero che i ragazzi si riprendano presto e anche voi!

  24. @ Paola : grazie di cuore, davvero molto! Ti scriverei via email, ma non ho piu' l'indirizzo….
    Ale xxx

      paolainegypt in Skype ci separa solo un'ora.

  25. Oh my goodness, how scary. I'm so glad they're both okay.

  26. oh goodness gracious, what a terrifying experiance for all of you. i'm so glad all is well ale.

  27. Oh what a sad turn of the year, Ale :-(. I'm glad it turned out all right and keep my fingers crossed that your boys will totally recover soon! Things can only get better!!

  28. My goodness, what a story!!!
    It gives me goosebumps (or how do you say that) I hope that they are doing great now and now you can hopefully say that you've already had the worst of 2014 behind you...
    greetings to your boys, who I still find very COOL :-)even in a hospital bed

  29. What a terrible end of the year but glad they're both ok now. I wish you and your family all the best for 2014! Love Nathalie

  30. Oh my word! (Only reading this now, back home).
    Hope they're feeling much better now. What a way to have a holiday spoiled. Lucky that you could get to a hospital so quickly.

  31. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this. Gosh! I'm so glad to know that they are now okay and have gone back to school. I have never heard of dengue fever. Will have to google it now. Best wishes, Tammy

  32. Oh yikes, how scary!! I'm glad they are ok now, and hope they are feeling their best again!
    Kate :}

  33. @ Stel : Yes, we've been lucky and the boys are back to their previous energy! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  34. Hi Ale, Im so sorry to hear about your Boys, I hope they are well on their way to recovery! Janette xx


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