Friday, 24 January 2014

3/4 of my potholders deck is done!!!!!

… this morning I found the right moment (after a nice chit chat + coffee with a friend of mine!!!!) to complete my third potholder….

I have 3 potholders : diamonds, hearts and spades are done….

…. they just need some blocking and after that they will hang happily in my kitchen, but….

…. I have a little problem now to complete the clubs potholder, because ….

…. I don't have enough of this cotton…. GRRRRRRR and GRRRRRRRR !!!!!

I bought this yarn a couple of years ago in Italy in a weekly market in Milano…..


I have to find a solution!!!!! I need to dig properly in my yarn stash hoping to find something similar to the original one and after that take a decision for my last potholder!!!!

Wish me luck!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra (Happy Weekend)

Today Link : Creative Friday !!! See you there, too!!! xxxx

You can find previous links to my potholders history in this post!!!


  1. They look amazing! Good luck finding some suitable matching yarn...don't you just hate it when you run out like that so near the end!!
    Helen xx

  2. They are looking so good, bah.. not enough yarn to finish it. Good luck digging into your yarn, haha. byebye

  3. Dear Ale, I hope you will find matching yarn. So that you can finish your potholder project. Wish you a beautiful weekend, love Tinie

  4. @ Franciens : thank you my dear!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  5. Good luck and well done to you, Ale! Mi sembra anche pottresti usare arancione come lo sfondo e gli ultimi pezzi del filo per far un motivo?
    Tantissimi baci

  6. Your potholders looks nice Ale - I hope you find some yarn to finish the clubs one. :)

  7. Hello Ale,
    Your potholders all look great! I wish you luck and a happy weekend! (P.S. Sorry about the fish comment last time;) )

  8. @ Debi : thank you my dear, I hope to have a lucky dip!!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  9. @ Andree' : no worries for the fish!! I had seen my motif with your eyes and I liked the fact that it could be even something else!!!!! ;oD
    happy weekend and thank you, xxxxx Ale

  10. ACC...Vabbé,c'é di peggio e son sicura che una soluzione la troverai!In ogni caso...Buona fortuna e anche buon week end!:-)

  11. Oh, too bad! If you can't find something similar, them perhaps you could replace one you've already done with whatever you would use to make the final one. That way you would have 2 sets in the same colorway. In fact, if you replaced the heart, then you would have the first heart potholder to give as a Valentine gift. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Oh boy, that's a pity, I wish you luck to find this yarn! But your potholders are lovely! I hope you can finish them!
    Greetings, Marijke

  13. Aaaaargh noo!
    I've been waiting for this last one, my favourite of the four :-)
    You'll have to make a design statement now. What about a totally different background - white - and use the last bits just as a last row edging? Or use a flat grey?
    What will you do...?

  14. @ Stel : still thinking about it….. but thank you so much for your ideas!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  15. They look great, shame you have run out of yarn, hope you find some more...

  16. Alessandra these are just too pretty for words, I am afraid that I would be wanting to sew these into little bags so I could use them every day - am sure you will find some way around the problem. They are gorgeous and you are so clever. Sending you big hugs and cuddles

  17. Di sicuro c'e' un filo che va bene nei tuoi bei cassetti ...di Pandora!!;-) paola

  18. @ Dorothy : you made me smile a lot!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  19. @ Paola : tu mi conosci fin troppo bene, anche il contenuto dei cassetti !!! ;oD …. Penso di aver trovato la soluzione!!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  20. Very nice! And good luck with your yarn!
    Kate :}


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