Sunday, 4 August 2013

VENEZIA #2 !!!!

....Yesterday I've shown you just few snapshots of our trip to Venezia..... I'm going to load the "last ones"!!!!!! ;oD

Have fun my dears!!!!!

in a crowded square we met some indonesian classmates of my boys!!!

....this is my advice, too!!!!! ;oD

Well, in the next days it will be quiet here at homemade@myplace, because I and my boys (all 3!) are going for one week to Stockholm....YAY!!!!!
Enjoy your time wherever you are and when back, you know, be prepared for the next load of pictures!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Hi Alessandra - isn't Venice magical! My brother was lucky enough to get married there as he has some Venetian friends who helped to organise it for him. It is such a beautiful city. I saw a series of TV programs about how Venice operates in terms of emergency services, refuse collection and normal daily life. It was really interesting to see how they overcome the challenges of living on water. Have fun in Stockholm. Lily. xxx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this impressive virtual tour of Venice. This is a place I must visit and have been wanting to for years now. Great variety of photos showing many aspects of this wonderful city.

    and now you are of to the cooler part of Europe...have a great time!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. I felt like being there. Thank you!! - great pics my dear. Wow, Stockholm is on top on my wish-list. Have a good week and i can´t wait to see the next pic-flash. ;o))
    XXXXO, Martina♥

  4. Wishing you a nice vacation is Stockholm!

  5. Wow Ale, what an amazing place, gosh I feel almost like I've visited myself! :) x

  6. Ahhhh I love Venice, so pretty, so classic, so weird!!! All my favourite things in a city :o) Have fun in Stockholm you lucky thing xxx

  7. Such an incredible city! Gorgeous images Ale :)

  8. So many great shots! Love your shoes too! :)
    Kate :}

  9. Thanks for sharing all these fantastic impressions, dear!! Venice is fascinating, great that you had such a wonderful family time there. The photos with tables & chairs are especially funny, look like they were awaiting a 10-minutes-blind-dates show :o)

  10. Such amazing photos - thank you for sharing x

  11. Venice is awesome! I though I was in a midlife crisis because I was tearing up there all the time but then realised it was because the place is so stunning LOL! Have fun in Stockholm, I am a huge fan of all culture and design Swedish.

  12. Great pics Ale, gives you a snapshot of Venetian life and how amazing for the boys to bump into classmates.

    Claire x


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