Sunday, 25 August 2013

Granny squares for a triangular cushion !!!!

These little fellas are with me since a long time (do you remember them?) and I decided to play with them...

....and I decided to sew a cushion from them !!! Luckily I have a little experience with cushions ( have a look at my @home made tab and just scroll down to find the images and the links to the posts!), but I wanted a different one even if made with granny squares. So I laid some squares on the floor to understand the pattern to form a triangle...

When I was sure about it, I chose some green yarn to join the squares into stripes, using single crochet stitches (I love the ridge that they create!) only in the back loops of each stitch...

The lines perpendicular to the green ones, instead, were crocheted with hot pink ...

Just to check if I did right....

So, I kept the fabric folded in half and I started to crochet a simple border (again a SC one, but not only in the back of the loops) using some orange....

After completing the first side of the cushion, I put inside a neutral pillow to give the right softness to my cushion and then I crocheted even the other side and.....HERE IT IS :

.....still tempted to add some pompoms/tassels/fringes......!!!!! ;oD

Today links : Link Your Stuff!The Crochet Boulevard and Craft Schooling Sunday !!! See you there!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. I ALWAYS like what you make but thes cushios are truly and truly beautiful.
    Where do you keep finding the time?

  2. Great idea to make a triangular pillow! I love the fresh colour combination, really cheerful. Great job, Ale!

  3. @ Brigitte : kids are in school now (!!!!!) and the squares are from the beginning of the year!!!! ;oD

    xxxx Ale

  4. @ Andre'e : thank you my dear!!!! You made me so happy!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  5. Your new cushion looks great Ale. You're always so creative with your ideas. Have a great day. :)

  6. Lovely new cushion Ale. The picture of the three crochet cushions is divine! Crochet heaven or what! :o) I've picked up my hook again today, making a collar for a Birthday present....feels good xxx

  7. Very original, Ale! And very funny and cheerful colors!

  8. Lovely and colorful!! Triangular cushion is a good idea !!:)

  9. Hi,Alessandra!
    Beautiful pillow,great color combination!!!
    Greetings from Serbia.:)

  10. oh ale, what a great job!! cool idea, the triangle pillow. i love the bright colors of all pillows. nice to see them♥♥♥
    xxxo, martina♥

  11. Wow, triangular cushion in bright colors! Love it! :)

  12. So bright and clever!
    Kate :}

  13. So much fun, and love the combo of the three pillows! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  14. Beautiful cushions. I love the colors.


  15. Lovely colors and the triangle pillow is too awesome! Wowza. You do beautiful work!
    Susan @ Felted Button


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