Friday, 2 August 2013

two days ago....a picnic !!!'s really hot around here, but this didn't stop us to enjoy a picnic along a local river not far from our home (we've been there before, but with a different weather and season!!! Have a look!!! ;oD)....

We had really a good time together...

 "males trio" was happy ( a lot!)... too!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

....Yesterday, instead, we have spent to whole day in imagine the amount of pictures I will show you in my next posts!!!! ;oD


  1. Beautiful pictures, Ale. Just like always.
    Love from Holland, X Tinie

  2. Great pics my dear - what a difference to your last trip there. I love the first one, it´s really cool. And the last one is warm to see, cause this is the trio, which makes you happy. I´m excited to see your next post. ;o)
    XXO, Martina♥

  3. Hi Ale,

    You've got SO flair for the detail in the pictures. Each time I admire your pics I am telling myself to buy a new camera as soon as possible. Mine is crap and old.

    I'm looking forward to your picture of Venice.

  4. Such a fun picnic!
    Kate :}


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