Sunday, 24 February 2013


When I don't have any plans in my mind and I just want to relax, I crochet granny squares, because it's a nice way to play with colours having fun...'s so nice to have little granny squares "buildings" that cheer you up just looking at them....

....but, as you know, sometimes (!!!) crochet has some purposes... I have explained in this post, so I'm still experimenting with colours combo and stitches...

....and maybe, now I'm on the right path...

...still some rounds to crochet and then the scallops, as a nice edging....
...this doesn't mean that I've finish to experiment...
It's just the beginning of a new adventure!!!! ;oD

Happy Sunday, xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Such happy, happy colors! The one with the green reminds me of a watermelon - lol!

    Thanks for sharing all the lovelies,


  2. Hi Alessandra - what a good idea to just crochet little grannies when you want to just relax and not do any project that requires too much thinking. I am having withdrawal symptoms from crocheting but my little puppy has been taking so much of my time (and likes to chew everything) that I cannot start anything specific. I have lots and lots of pretty yarn so I think I may start making little squares too. There are so many things they can be turned into later. xxx

  3. So happy and refreshing colors! A pleasure for the eyes that are used to see only snow at present ;-). I'm looking forward to the finished experiment! Happy Sunday my dear :-)

  4. Such beautiful colours Alessandra! I love seeing your experiments - looking forward to seeing what this will be!
    Alison xx

  5. Now would that be granny squares therapy....all those vibrant colours must and would surely cheer anyone up!!!
    It looks as if you are having lots of fun! LOL!

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. The last oval looks like a watermelon to me too! What are you going to do with all of those happy grannies?
    Kate :}

  7. Quelles jolie choses tricote!! J`adore tous dans les : la couleur ,la forme tous ! :0)

    Bonne semaine!
    xxx Maria xxx

  8. Ciao Ale, che gran quantità di piastrelle, belli e allegri i colori, sono curiosa di sapere che ci farai.
    Buona domenica

  9. Gorgeous work Alessandra.

    Really beautiful.

    Have a good week

    Fiona x

  10. Ciao, Ale :o) Ma come belli i tuoi lavori a l'uncinetto :0) Sempre fai tante le cose! Non so come si dice in italiano ma in russo si dice avere le mani dorati :0)
    Tantissimi baci Cara a te


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