Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Craft-A-Day : Robot Week !!!

As usual, Sarah gives us some nice hints/ideas :

  • a Plush Robot ?

  • a Robot Card ?
  • a Robot Gift Tag ?

  • a Felt Robot Ornament ?

  • a Mini Robot Topper ?
  • a Robot Gadget Sleeve ?
  • or a Robot Magnet ????
This time my project popped quickly in my mind!!!!!! How beautiful!!!
What about you???? Let me know!!!!

If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!!
If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this post or just scroll to the top and click on Craft-A-Day Year Project tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)! Thank you !!!

xxxx Alessandra


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  2. All the robots are so cute. I love how they have hearts. My friend, Claire, recently did a robot embroidery Valentine. It was so cute!
    Here's a link:

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  4. Hi Alessandra, not sure what is happening with above comments! The robots are sweet, it's nice to work with felt and embroidery. Hope your having a good week, Heather x


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