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Craft-A-Day Year Project!!!!

For Christmas, among other really nice things, I've received a nice craft book (my collection is really huge! Love Books with crafts!!!), titled "CRAFT-A-DAY 365 simple handmade projects" written by Sarah Goldschadt.....

Sorry for the pics camera is still "broken"...

I loved it since the first page!!!! I like everything about it!!! Nice projects, lovely pictures, simple patterns and i really enjoy the facts that there is a theme to develop every week of the year and for each day there is an idea to get involved in!!!

So, after a couple of days, I wrote an email to Sarah....

From: Alessandra 
Subject: Craft-a-Day year project

Message Body:
Dear Sarah,

I've just received your book for Christmas!!!! It's such a nice, clever and happy book!!! I really love the simple projects, because they don't need hours to be completed and the materials involved are not impossible to find or even expensive! Thank you for all this!
As a blogger ( I would love to start a year project taking inspiration from "Craft-a-Day"! Your book is divided into weekly projects, so I was thinking to involve the readers of my blog in a craft challenge every week, starting from the 1st of January 2013!!! I think it would be a nice adventure! The fact that push me to do that is that I'm curious to know what each crafter can imagine and can create from your patterns!!! It would be nice if they can something new/different starting from your ideas! Maybe they would love to recreate the same you did and sometimes maybe not!!
I was thinking to start a link tool with, so that the people involved may link their crafts to my blog, using thumbnails and a little description! It would be nice even to suggest them to add their photos to your Flickr Group Pool "Craft A Day"!!! What do you think???
Maybe I need even to prepare a button related to this initiative!!!
The only thing that stops me is the following : I don't know how many people own this book or if it's possible to borrow in pubblic libraries, so that they can trace the patterns to work on! I don't think that I'm authorized to show your patterns on my blog, right???
Any advice???
Thank you so much and enjoy the Christmas Holidays,
xxx Alessandra

Well, it was the 27th of December....still holidays on the way.....I was preparing my luggages to go to Lombok.....I thought that Sarah was busy, too!!!
But....surprise!!! On the morning of the 3rd of January I found an email in my mailbox...

Hello Alessandra!

Happy 2013 to you. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for crafting and for my book! I'm really happy that you like it. I think for now I'll give a shout out each week on my blog and encourage people to tag their photos with #craftaday. That way the publisher and I can repin their projects on pinterest and feature them on the Quirk Books blog. Thanks again and I can't wait to see the projects you make!


It was a good way to start my morning!!!!! So happy to read a positive response!!!!

So my dear friends, are you ready to join me in this year adventure?????? I really love the idea to share this crafty fun with you all!!!! Even with your kids, if they would love to join!!!

If you want to collect more information about the book and about the author, I'm giving you some useful addresses:

Quirk Books (the publisher), where you can find more informations about the author and her book, where you can share your creations (on Pinterest!) and download exclusive contents!

SAH-RAH that is the blog of Sarah Goldschadt!

If you don't have a copy of the book or you cannot find it in bookstores or public libraries, I suggest you to borrow it from a friend or to download it (buy the winter edition iPad app!) right from Sarah blog !!!

Now, the rules to follow along the year:

  • every week, starting from the 8th of January 2013, I will tell you the Week Theme, just as indicated in the Pattern Index of the book
  • from the pattern given in the book you have to create your craft. You can choose the size you prefer to work with it, but the pattern has to be the one designed by Sarah!
  • I suggest you to use the materials that you have at home at the moment, don't go out just to to buy them! Recycle and be creative with what you have right in your cupboards or drawers!!!
  • When you have done with your project, please link it to my blog! For the occasion I'm preparing a link tool ( so you can show me and to other curious people what you did!! 
  • The Craft-A-Day Year Project will run for all the 2013 !!! Every week you'll find the new theme to follow and the link tool for you to use! If you like, you don't have to follow strictly the ideas given by Sarah, if you want to try something new, please feel free to do it! Just remember to use the given pattern!
  • Have fun in being creative!!!!
  • Thank you for your participation and please be sure to make a back link to my blog, so that other curious crafters may find this space and share their crafts, too!!!
  • Probably there will be a button to show the Craft-A-Day Year Project on your blog! Soon I hope!!
  • Any question/problem, please contact me at my email address !!!
So get ready and see you tomorrow with the first Week Theme!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

P.S.: Thank you Sarah for your support!! :oD


  1. Such a fun idea! I'm so glad Sarah is excited about too! I love the idea of using what you already have at home to make the crafts.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing all your makes, will check out the blog! :) x

  3. well done Alessandra for making the connection. I will look with interest, I am certainly a craft loving gal! Heather x

  4. What a great idea and I hope it gets lots of people crafting! I can't wait to see what you and everyone makes!
    Kate :}

  5. Looks like a fab book Alessandra! Hope you have great fun with your project you crafty lady, hehe :) :)
    Alison x

  6. That looks like a fantastic book! Have fun! Tammy

  7. Happy New Year!! Looks like such a wonderful book! Looking forward to seeing your creations! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  8. That sounds fun! Looking forward to your new crafty adventure! Good Luck! :)

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  10. Hi,
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  11. That looks like a great book,I think Im going to have to get it! Jxx

  12. Great idea!! The book looks very interesting, I've put it on my amazon wishlist, thanks for inspiring :-). Maybe I will buy it sometime later this year. Till then I'll gladly follow your challenge, I'm so curious what nice things will come up!!


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