Saturday, 19 January 2013

Stripy Skinny Scarf : it's done!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I found a couple of hours free to finish my stripy skinny scarf ....and there was even a good natural light (no rain!!!! phew!!!) to take "some" pictures!!!!

About these big stars : the pattern is mentioned in this post ! In the meantime, I've also decided to crochet 6 extra little stars (pattern here), using some thin rat tail (3,5mm hook)....

What a mess with all these tails to trim, both from the scarf and all the stars....

...but I did it and, luckily, it didn't require a lot of time....

Little by little I've knotted all the stars paired (one little+one big) on the scarf's ends...

...and the stars are happily dangling....

The scarf is done, now!!! See....

I've tried on me, too!!!

...even the chair in my studio was happy to have a chance to try it on!!! ;oD....

I'm so so HAPPY!!!!! Soft and colourful : these are the main qualities for a wearable scarf!!! My neck is nodding with me!!!

Today's links : Creative FridayCrochet Boulevard and Link Your Stuff!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Such a beautiful scarf, and I love the stars!! xo Heather

  2. I love all those zingy colours together! :) x

  3. Wow! The scarf looks great!!

    Nice job!


  4. it's so wonderfully flamboyant and so very you!! it's true Alessandra style, enjoy, Heather x

  5. oh my dear, i love this cute scarf so much!!!

  6. I lurve the stripes, so colourful and love the stars too, they look shiny, it a high-shine yarn??? Is it cotton?? SO many questions Ale, sorry....hope you are having a nice weekend. We are buried in snow, snow, snow this's good fun (especially for Tilly) but very cold...brreeeeeee xxx

  7. What a stunning scarf - you cannot help but smile and feel cheerful when you see it. May I ask a question : what are rat tails? Lily. xxx

  8. Fabulous! Everything about it is perfect. You do such a beautiful job :)


  9. Ad♥rable!! Just what I like. It was a good idea to combine small and big stars!


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