Monday, 28 January 2013

Speech Bubble Week : my crafts !!!

This week no felt was used, but paper!!!

I collected a sketchbook with white pages in...

...and a ruler to trace stencil letters...

...on a white sheet I've traced the biggest speech bubble given by Sarah on her book...

I decided to write 2 messages for my hubby : "SOGNI D'ORO" (sweet dreams) and "BUON GIORNO" (good morning), as we say in Italian...

...with the help of a needle, I made little holes around the speech bubble...

....then, I coloured in the letters and the little drawings..., I used some threads and the same needle to better define the border...

...once completed, my speech bubbles looked like these...

...and now they sits on our bed, Paolo's side....

...obviously, once in bed, you can put them on the side table!!! ;oD

I'm linking them here!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. great idea, love the stitched ones♥
    xo, martina

  2. They look great the words you used.

    Am about to hit the sack, so I hope I have sweet dreams too.

    Claire X

  3. Fabulous Alessandra! What a sweet idea - I love the stitched border too :) :)
    Alison xx

  4. Your speech bubble greetings are such a great idea...they loook very effective. I love sewing on paper too!
    Helen x

  5. Lovely idea, would be great for guests! :) x

  6. Cute! I agree with the comment above that it would be great for guests!
    Kate :}


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