Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Craft-A-Day : Fox Week !!!

So today is the BIG DAY!!!!!!

Craft-A-Day Year Projects starts officially with today's post!!! Yay!!!!

Yesterday, I've done an introduction in this post, so if you are a little bit curious go there and read it from the beginning to the end!!! Thank you!!!

As you know, this crafty adventure will follow the patterns given in the book Craft-A-Day 365 simple handmade projects by Sarah Goldschadt  and I have also decided to follow the Pattern Index given by the author.

This first week starts from the 8th of January (Tuesday) and it will end the 14th (Monday).
In these days there will be (at the end of this same post) a link tool open, that will permit you to link your crafts related to the weekly theme!

Today's Week Theme is the following : Fox Week !!!

In her book, Sarah had designed 4 fox patterns (2 bodies and 2 muzzles, both in 2 different sizes) and what did she with them? The followings (one craft for each day of the week):

  1. a Fox Finger Puppet
  2. a Felt Fox Ornament
  3. a Fox Topper
  4. a Fox Gift Tag
  5. a Plush Fox
  6. a Mini Fox Topper
  7. a Fox Card
Are you going to do the same? Are you going to do something different? Are you going to do just one or more???
Please, show me all your beautiful projects and ideas!!! I'll be so happy to have this opportunity!!! Thank you so much in advance!!!

As you know, the book starts with the first of January.... But I was still on holiday....
I've decided to consider the missing first week as a bonus for you!!! Infact, if you prefer, you may link a project using the Snowflake patterns !!!!
Sarah used the snowflakes to create something simple and nice like :

  1. a Snowflake Barrette
  2. a Mini Snowflake Stamp
  3. a Paper Snowflake Mobile
  4. a Snowflake Wall Art
  5. Mini Snowflake Toppers
  6. a Snowflake Card
  7. a Snowflake Garland Card
Are you ready to take this "challenge"? Yes? So don't loose a second more!!!
Have fun and surprise me with your creations!!!!

....I'll be in the challenge, too!!! ;oD

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  1. Well, I'm not up for the challenge, but I am up to watching what you come up with Ale, always a pleasure! :) x


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