Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Yellow & Hot Pink !!!! a lazy day, just grab some colourful cotton, one hook and keep it easy.....!!!!
I've crocheted 9 simple circles (chain 4, slip stitch, chain 3, 11 dc, slip stitch) and one curlicue (pattern found here)...

....then arrange them all on the table and find out the right disposition for the pieces...

...add some braids....mine are "vintage" roses in 3 different colours....

....some jump rings are really useful for this project...

...last touch : a black chain with a lobster closure for the back....I started with the pendant...

....and then I added all the charms...

...voila', the necklace is ready to be worn!!!....

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Beautiful, what a great idea! X Tinie

  2. Really pretty necklace! I love the colours - I am making a blanket in those two colours at the moment :) Have a great day! Elisabeth xx

  3. They remind me of some sweets I used to get each Christmas called iced gems, they were yummy too! :) x

  4. so cute and such a cool idea!!

  5. So fun idea! The candy colors make it bright :)
    Wish you a nice day,

  6. wonderful! what a great idea, Heather x


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