Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Snowflake Week : my crafts!!

...As I said somewhere (I think on my Facebook page!), the challenge is on!!!

So, I started with the snowflake patterns...

...Oh yes, I've even traced a fox muzzle, but I'll keep this one for the weekend!!

I've collect all the materials I needed....

  • some colourful (neon!) felt
  • some twines
  • metallic (nickel free) rings
  • a blue metallic chain (you'll see it later!)
  • a needle
  • a pair of scissors
I traced the snowflakes patterns on a piece of tracing paper. I cut them off and placed them directly on the felt, keeping them in place with the help of a pin. I used a pair of scissors with straight blades.

For each colour, I've cut out 2 snowflakes. In total, I had 2 pink (large size), 2 green (medium size) and 2 orange (small size).

From the above photo, you can see that I decided to cut 4 extra small snowflakes (white)...
What I did with all of them??? I had 2 projects in mind....!!!!

I paired each couple of snowflakes. I started to work with the colourful ones...

....for the first craft, I chose a blue metallic chain....

...and I sewn them, paired, with the blanket stitch and the backstitch, using the twines...

Completed the sewing, I added some metallic rings at each snowflake, so that I could attach them all to the blue chain...

....I have a new necklace!!!!

....but what I did with the little white ones????

Take a peek...

I have a new pair of earrings, too, and...

What do you think of all my work (a part my silly self portrait!!! ;oD ) ?????

You know what??? I'm going to link them at Craft-A-Day : Fox Week ! ..... eh! eh! eh!
See you there, too??? ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Hey Ale,
    you always have so good ideas! I like your new necklace and the earrings very much!
    Happy new year to you, too!
    Xoxo, Miriam

  2. You really made beautiful snowflake accessories.Oh and before I forget I count you in for my give away. You also became a real follower of my blog. Thanks for that. Love Tinie from Holland

  3. They look very cute Alessandra. :)

  4. Hehe! These are super cute and cheerful :) Happy New Year, Hazel x

  5. Such bright fun colors!
    Kate :}

  6. Ciao Alessandra, le tue idee sono sempre graziose e il tuo blog continua a crescere grazie al tuo entusiasmo e alla tua allegria, è proprio un piacere passare di qui.Devo ancora capire bene il tuo progetto del post precedente, il mio inglese non è un gran che e così faccio un pò di fatica. al massimo ti scrivo per saperne di più.
    Baci Maddalena

  7. Great idea!
    I really love the colors :)

    Bye Sarah

  8. lovely picture of you. Alessandra your jewellery is very loud and funky!! lots of fun, Heather x

  9. I like the neon ones... unexpected and fun!

  10. Love your sweet snowflakes in the bright colours and in white too! Your jewelry looks such fun, Ale!!
    Helen x

  11. Really beautiful, especially the earrings! They suit you very well :-))


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