Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Craft-A-Day : Groundhog Week !!!

It is a real nice animal!! In Italian we call it : marmotta !!! I used to see some groundhogs when I was working for my degree in Geology, up in the mountains (over Merano, in Val Senales!)....You knew they were there from their whistling....!!!!

....some inspirations from Sarah's book :

  • Groundhog Gift Tag
  • Felt Groundhog Ornament

  • Groundhog Card
  • Mini Groundhog Card
  • Groundhog Cake Topper
  • Mini Groundhog Topper
  • Plush Groundhog
I have a friend that this week will celebrate his birthday and, in a certain way, he resembles the shape of the groundhog designed by Sarah, so..... ;oD

If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!!
If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this post or just scroll to the top and click on Craft-A-Day Year Project tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)! Thank you !!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. So darling....I love groundhogs for some reason..especially ones with buck teeth! Happy creating and happy monday. xo

  2. ps.....I would sure love your personal tiramisu' recipe!!!!! Sounds amazing. xo

  3. Hey Ale, your little groundhog is very cute.......never seen one in real life.
    Interesting finding our little snippets of info about bloggers....you studied geology......

    Claire x

  4. what a fun book and very cute groundhog!

  5. Wow! wonderful to see real groundhogs. Haven´t done that yet. Just love these cute ones and I imagine that they are a bit nicer than real one´s :)

  6. Cute! I'm partial to groundhogs seeing as how Groundhog Day is my birthday!
    Kate :}

  7. Maybe I see pillows in everywhere, but I think this silhuette would be so pretty as a pillow :))

  8. ... forgot to tell: I MUST crochet a groundhog! Great inspiration for a new pattern :)


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