Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Enigma solved!!!!

Do you remember these pics (posted less than a week ago, right here) ????

...well, I was guessing : eggs????

I've received comments on that post and it seemed people (you my friends!!) were really intrigued by this mystery!!!!

Well, two of you did a great job!!! Infact, Susan and Annie have done some research to solve the puzzle.....and Annie found out the right answer!!!

Look for Google images and type in : Pomacea canaliculata and click!!!
You'll find my same eggs and the fact is that these snails, that live in fresh waters, lay their eggs off the water on trees, grass (just look at my third photo, down on the left....seee???) and canal walls!!! I've seen all that!!!!

So, I have to thank you a lot Susan and Annie : your curiosity have made me so happy!!!! I feel less ignorant right now!!!! ;oD

Nic, instead, wrote the funniest comment ever : "eeeee! pastel tree aliens!!! ;)" lol!!!

love you, xxxx Alessandra


  1. Well there you go ... the wonders of nature explained via the wonders of the internet and blogland. M x

  2. well, i feel better now that mystery is solved, how amazing too!
    love jooles xxx

  3. Wouldn't it be good if chickens laid pink eggs! :) x

  4. Interesting! Are we going to be getting snail hatching updates?!
    Kate :}

  5. well who would have thought snails would have such pretty eggs. The mystery is solved! good work girls. Heather x

  6. Many thanks for your all comments on my blog, ALessandra! You make me very happy! Thanks again!

  7. haha... I thought at first that it was candy that you had sticked into the tree just for a great picture. :) :) but now I know better :)



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