Friday, 15 February 2013

Yesterday was Valentine's Day....

....and I prepared some little gift tags for my trio!!!
Just 3 manila tags to decorate with sweet words...

...with the help of some stencils for the heart shapes and the letters...

two tags for Matteo and Tobia...

...and one for Paolo...

...just some threads and with the help of a pin (to make holes on the tags, along the letters' borders) and a needle (to sew), I started my work...

...the first one...

....the back of the tag...

....and then the one for my husband...

...put on his parcel....

If you are asking what's inside...."Norman Rockwell's America" ;oD

....this is the last tag...

I have to say that all my boys were so happy to receive these tags of love!!!!

xxxx Alessandra (love to you all!!!)

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  1. Great photos: especially the ones with the light shining through the holes in your tags.

  2. Belle! Prima o poi sfruttero' anche io questa tecnica dell'impuntura su lettere/sagome, magari per delle magliette! Bacio Ale!!

  3. They are lovely Alessandra
    and I'm sure your boys appreciated them.

    Have a good weekend

    x Fiona

  4. great idea!!
    xo, martina♥♥

  5. what a great idea! totally inspired. might have to give this a try for St. Patrick's Day (my favorite holiday).

  6. Aw these are just lovely Alessandra! Your 'trio' must have been delighted with them :) Hope you had a fab Valentine's day!
    Alison x

  7. They are sooooo inspirational - I absolutely adore them. Lots and lots of love, Kate (from greedyforcolour) xxooxx.

  8. You made the gifts extra special! Nice! :)

  9. So sweet. I think you can embellish just about anything. :) Tammy

  10. I just love these hand embroidered cards. The photos are so lovely with the light peeking through. :)


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