Monday, 18 February 2013

Heart Week : my crafts !!!

This project was inspired by an art work by Erica , that you can find here...!!!!!

I collected all the needed materials.... an oval canvas and a brush...

just one coat of colour! Then, after tracing the hearts (all 3!) from Sarah's book, I cut out the hearts from grey felt...

I choose some bright threads...

...and yes, I just use the simple straight stitch to embellish them...

So, to keep it simple,  I thought to glue the hearts and some ribbons (around the canvas and as a tree trunk where to hang the hearts)...

...and voila'.....!!!!!.....

...some close ups....

...on the wall....!!!....

...I'm quite pleased!!!....;oD

My link right HERE !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. That turned out nice. You really brought it together with the colors on the wording. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. That looks great Alessandra - very pretty. :)

  3. Cool, I really like it. Love Tinie

  4. Nice!! I knew immediately what Erica and what artwork you were referring too!
    Kate :}

  5. job well done...I love it! Happy monday.

  6. So beautiful and I love the green with the grey hearts!! xo Heather

  7. It looks nice! I like the way the hearts are connected. And very true words, true love grows and never fades away! :)

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