Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Outside !!!!!

...we don't have snow for sure!!!!!!
Anyway, a lot of rain in the last weeks....quite normal if you think where we live!
This morning was a little bit cloudy, but I kicked myself out ( after grabbing my loyal camera!) and so I had a relaxing stroll!
Jakarta is really agonizing because of the traffic, but spots full of poetry can be seen....

Last Sunday morning, my husband didn't have the car (I "booked" it, because Tobia had to go to a B-party so far from our home....), but he did some grocery shopping and he decided to come back home on a "bajaj".... He took 2 mini videos while traveling on that noisy thing...enjoy!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. what a beautiful pictures and movies, thank you for sharing.

    love, Ellen

  2. Ciao Alessandra, anche qui in Sicilia niente neve e oltre alla pioggia tira un vento fortissimo, da casa mia riesco a vedere il mare in burrasca,Carino il giro con il "l'apino"come lo chiamano qui, magari alla fine vi girava la testa, ma è tutto molto coreografico.
    A presto

  3. I just love your photo walks, and your husband's videos were a fun/different way to see your city too!!
    Kate :}

  4. How cool Alessandra! Loved the videos and your lovely photographs too - great way to see where you live. Thanks for the tour!! :) :)
    Alison xx

  5. what a way to travel! reminds me of my travelling days, although I haven't been to Jakarta! Heather x

  6. Ciao, Bella! Queste foto son bellissimi! Sei davvero bravissima! Complimenti :0)
    Tanti baci a te Cara

  7. "bajaj" seems ... interesting. :)
    Your photos are beautiful.

  8. I see more of those pink eggs :) You live in such an incredible place Ale :D

  9. I would love to visit Indonesia one day. We've taken many a tuk tuk in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Best wishes to you, Tammy


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