Monday, 25 February 2013

Robot Week : my crafts !!!!

Do you believe me, if I say to you that I did this (quickly!!!) this morning???
Nothing difficult I have to say, but really cute and satisfying....

I just traced the largest robot from the trio given by SARAH and I used some brown paper...

...and, after cutting my robot, I collected some self-adhesive labels and dots to embellish it...

....yes, even the red felt heart is a sticker!!!! ;oD

The eyes...

....and the mouth... this is what happened since the beginning....

...and I completed my robot with some words on it.....

....just to make you understand what "he" is going to be/do...

...Yap, I have a new bookmark!!!

My today link RIGHT HERE!! See you there, too???

xxxx Alessandra


  1. oh quelle bonne idee ! J`adore c`est géniale!!

    Bonne semaine !!

    xxx Maria xxx

  2. What a funny fellow! Great job, Ale, the letters are the icing on the cake :-)

  3. Love your bookmark, Ale :0) Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Will make the similar one for my little boy :0)


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