Thursday, 20 June 2013

My two W.I.P.s !!!

The first one is a well known blanket-to-be (herehereherehere and here for a brief tutorial!)....

....the crocheting is going on, but in few days we are leaving for our summer holidays (back to Italy!) and for a while this beauty will be left alone....2 months, more or less...!!!....
I'm not packing this one in my luggage!!!!!!!

Then I'm doing something with these little things (shown here ) know them as well as my blankie....

...I'm waiting for the blocking to be completed....

...and I will add even these ones (crocheted in the meantime following this tutorial) to the same project.....

.... a hint ? Look here and imagine the  crafty consequences...... :oD !!!!!
I'll be back tomorrow with the work done! Promise!

xxxx Alessandra

Today links : busy fingers showing up link party #4Creative Friday and i ♥ fridays link party !!!! see you there! xxxx


  1. The blanket still is on top of my "to-make-in-the-near-future-list". At this moment I cannot get myself to start it because my back is still aching and I'm not able to sit in the same position for a long period.

    Have a very very relaxing holiday in Italy.
    Which part are you going?
    Just before my hernia started, we were had found two fantastic cottages (one in Umbria and one in the Marché) and we nearly booked them but then all my troubles started and we didn't think it to be wise to undertake such a long car journey.
    Now it will be just France (much closer for us). In envy you.

  2. spelling mistake:
    I envy you.
    (yes, I really do)

  3. Lovely colourful WIPs!! Waiting for your next post.
    Hope you will be posting during holidays too.

  4. Hey Ale, your hands are never idle for ong......
    Have a wonderful holiday, time spent with family and friends....enjoy it.
    Safe travels to you and your family.

    CLaire X

  5. Lovely, lovely bright colours! I have a girl just leaving year 9 too x

  6. So colourful! You work magic with yarn! :) x

  7. I'm really loving this blanket! I think I'm going to do it for my project.

  8. La coperta prosegue alla grande e stà diventando bellissima !Ti invidio un pò, perchè i progetti così lunghi mi spaventano e ho paura di non riuscire a portarli a termine . Complimenti per il tuo ragazzo, ti assomiglia molto e sembra allegro e spensierato !
    A presto

  9. Do you ever put your hook down dear Alessandra? Your output of colourful crochet is so prolific I think you must crochet in your sleep! ;)

  10. Your hands are really getting a good work out! It all looks so great, and your blanket is getting so big! I definitely don't envy you all the ends that will have to be sewn in! It's going to look amazing when it's done!
    Kate :}

  11. Wow, your blanket is growing fast! Mine needs more care because it's not growing so fast anymore. Shame you can't take it with you on your holiday, I'm sure taking mine! (but then again my holiday will be in the although-it's-summer-it-still-remains-holland-so-mostly-cold-and-rainy-weather)

  12. love colourful houses all in a row!! a wonderful decoration! Heather x


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