Sunday, 16 June 2013

Make it! ....a bigger butterfly !!!!!

....Even now, while writing, this post : Make it! Sweet tiny yarn Butterflies !!!! is the one that has been more visited than others written by me : 15542 visitors since it was published!!!! ;oD

I smile all the mornings when I see it still there, in the first place of my popular posts !!!!

Why I'm back to the tiny yarn butterflies?? Well, a reader kindly asked me how to do bigger butterflies and now I'll explain it to you all!!!

Instead of the usual meal fork, you have to collet a bigger one ! I had one for salads, that unluckily is connected with a big spoon...

....but the good thing is that they have the same number of prongs !!!!

Another thing to change is the thickness of the yarns that you are going to use for the wings and the body/antenna ....

In this way you'll have (for sure!) a bigger butterfly, see.....?....

The other four tiny ones are old friends of mine !!!!

You have to follow the same steps and tips given in the previous photo tutorial, as I show you even now...

This morning I just made a couple of them....

....and they are really loved by the little ones.....

....and what about you ???? ;oD

Try with bigger forks or with ones that you design on thick cardboards and use, instead of yarn, ribbons!!!!

Have fun, xxxx Alessandra

Today links : Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday! and hookin on hump day 49 link party for the fiber arts !!!


  1. Thanks for sharing !! I don't have big fork but my daughter have couple of big sized comb type hair clips....will try on that.

  2. that'a amazing views! was it pinned I wonder? although it sounds as though it has gone global already, your little butterfly! very clever, Heather x

  3. Cute butterflies Ale - they can be used for so many things. :)

  4. I love both!! It´s such a cute idea and it seems, that the big ones are the big brohters of the small ones and take care for them. Really warm while thinking that...♥♥♥
    XO, Martina♥

  5. The little cute ones are still on my list of things to make...must make time, must make time :o) xxx

  6. Why did I click on your link- no there is no chance of the ironing being finished! Off to find some wool and forks...thank you x

  7. Why did I click on your link- no there is no chance of the ironing being finished! Off to find some wool and forks...thank you x

  8. These would be great to make with little bits of scrap yarn!
    Kate :}

  9. In preparation for an upcoming Craft Fair I was making the tiny butterflies while substitute teaching. (Students had independent work to do, giving me idle time). As a couple really well behaved 4th grade girls finished their work I demonstrated how to make these. I gave each a couple yards of the yarn I had with me to make their own at home. One boy saw what we were doing and begged to be included, which I had no problem with. A week later one of the girls saw me and showed me the ones she made at home! The (9 -10) yr olds really loved such a simple craft and it meant a lot to me to share and 'plant the seed' of crafting fun! In closing, I made a mobile using a painted CD with 4 fishing lines coming down from drilled holes on the outer edge of the CD. There was a variety of colors of butterflies.

  10. I love this idea! I will definitely use it with my VBS kids. By the way, couldn't wait to go to the kitchen to get a fork so I made a giant on my hand. Love it! Thanks.

  11. I love the idea of these butterflies. Can't wait to make some and put them on a Summer wreath!! Thanks


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